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Small but extremely useful HUD QoL suggestion


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I was levelling my Chroma Prime yesterday when it occurred to me that a very small adjustment to the HUD icons that when timed abilities are active could make life much simpler.

What if when an ability, let's say Vex Armour in this case, is activated the HUD icon appears as normal, the buff percentage reflects as it normally would.  However in addition to this as the timer runs down, the icon starts to grey out (think glass half full/half empty) until it is completely grey and it disappears. 

This would give a quick visual indication of how much time you had left before you needed to recast and if you do (or can) recast, the icon would be full colour again.  It also means you can concentrate on dealing Tenno destruction without having to keep checking on how many seconds you have left at the bottom of the screen and what kind of damage (or any other stat) you're doing at the top

This would work for any abilities that have timers attached and means all of the important stats regarding your ability or abilities are in the same place which could make ability management less of a chore. 

It might also work for toggled abilities as an indication of how much energy you have left but not sure how easy that would be to implement.

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Yes! And the four dots under the reticle do half of this. Blue dot is the selected ability. White dot means ability is ready again. Gray dot means ability not usable. 

Sadly the four dots are not consistently present, only during archwing.

I like the way the division handled its UI (and little else in that other game). Wish thay warframe would give the option for more efficient heads up displays.

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