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Revert Saryn's Venom Dose Augment


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A while back DE changed one of Saryn's better Augments from doing +%Toxic damage to +%Corrosive damage.

To my knowledge this has been the only augment change in the history of Warframe outside flat nerfs and I'm asking for a revert.

+%Toxic had interesting interactions and versatility with other team comp damage types. It mixed into Corrosive giving better Corrosive proc weight. It mixed into Gas giving both more proc weight and bigger procs and it also mixed into Viral or flat Toxic builds. This augment had options and if anything is to be taken from Mag's rework it's that DE likes frames to have options, right? Saryn does a bunch or rapid Corrosive procs for Armor which is great but then what? +% Toxic Venom Dose is what gives her that team value against other factions.

+% Corrosive is just that. It's Corrosive. Now it steals proc weight from Gas weapons and steals proc weight from Viral weapons. It goes against weapon builds unless those builds are already Corrosive builds. Ember's Fireball Frenzy does the same at times but works because Ember herself can amplify Fire Damage. Saryn cannot.

Her Toxic Lash still does Toxic, the Augment as well. Her Molt does Toxic and Miasma does Viral. She does every variation of Toxic combinations outside Gas. So why change this augment to be far less versatile just because Spore damage was changed to Corrosive? We're hardly the audience to argue continuity over usefulness.

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23 minutes ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

Glances at Target Fixation...

It could be worse, my friend.


Ah yea, they did give Zephyr a new augment. Guess that counts as changing.

There are certainly bad Augments outside even subjective comparison. Venom Dose was a versatile augment that gave Saryn more viability outside Armor eating. I'd argue it would be even more interesting given her current layout. Buff your buddy's Gas weapon while she shreds through armor using Spores then hits them with a Viral AoE.

Some cool synergy going on there.

Instead Venom Dose is this slightly redundant buff you use against Armored enemies.

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37 minutes ago, Xzorn said:

Ah yea, they did give Zephyr a new augment. Guess that counts as changing.

44 minutes ago, Xzorn said:

Instead Venom Dose is this slightly redundant buff you use against Armored enemies.

As I said, could be worse ^^ Tune out if you don't want to hear me preach, but Target Fixation is borderline an insult to Zephyr players.

They switched the entire ability that the augment affected the second that the abilities in question were 'merged'. Not only that, it now affects the ability only if you use it in a way that's directly countered by how the ability works.

If you cast Tailwind indoors, even through a corridor of enemies, you end the ability the second you impact something. There is no 'boosting the damage' after that, because you either hit a wall and stop, or you hit the ground and stop. And even wall-latching counts as 'landing', so there's no way around that.

On top of that, basic modding for the particular Warframe (ie, Duration) makes it so that a player is only able to successfully use the augment by going out onto the Open Landscapes (roughly 2-3% of the game) and using it to attack niche units such as drop-ships and turrets.

Meanwhile, the original augment, Dive Bomb Vortex, had the advantage of being used anywhere, any time, providing a CC effect that was an inverse of Airburst, and so would have been a perfect fit as the augment for that ability instead. Turning Dive Bomb Vortex into Airburst Vortex would have meant that the new ability could have been an almost Nidus-like grouping cast instead of a consistent outwards ragdoll.

And, funnily enough, I have been placing bets all around that when DE actually does release an Augment for Airburst, it will be just that; Airburst Vortex. Because there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to have introduced Target Fixation instead of it. Especially when... Target Fixation could be something easily better, such as boosting damage on shots taken while in the Hover.

All in all, at least you still have an Augment that affects the same ability, still mechanically interacts in the exact same way, and the only loss is functional customisation and interplay.

So, yeah, it sucks that the customisation is less now on Saryn's Augment, and that it isn't as useful as it was. The trade-off was kind of expected, however, considering how strong her 1 is now.

But... you could have lost so much more.

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