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Thanks for Watching Devstream #124!

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Something is borked with the Twitch drop system. They never work for me anymore. They used to, but now they don't.

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Posted (edited)

In regards tot he new ability UI.

I'm concerned about making things prettier while also removing functionality (see item labels as a good example).


When you update the ability UI I have the following requests and one MUST HAVE

the must have:
-the with/without mods comparison for abilities NEEDS to be on the warframe mod-build screen,
either by overlay or through single-click link into a more comprehensive stat screen visible at a glance and without any additional clicks/hover-over/navigation involved to see the full impact of our mods (including the option to toggle temporary effects such as growing power).


-link the new abilities screen to the market (allow pre-purchase evaluations)
-have a larger area for "tips" (expand upwards, don't overwrite the other ability screenspace),
-some warframes have a lot of features only documented on the wikia, these need to be clearly visible IN GAME (oberon's armour buff mechanics, saryn's spore proliferation mechanics, mesa's peacemaker not targeting bosses, etc)
-let players swap from mod-screen to viewing abilities without the additional click to back out into the root menu

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Great Stream. Lots of new stuff I see...

I didn't get a chance to put up my "usual" list (you guys must be pretty tired of it, but I just forgot). That said, I would like to feedback/ask for a few things:

PLEASE allows us to buy Deluxe itens individually (I think this would benefit both DE - financially - and the Community - we could buy what we wanted). Even if you made the pack cheaper than each item individually I would be perfectly ok with that, cuz... I NEED that Helmith Charger skin that came with Nidus Deluxe BUT I already bought the Warframe skin.

PLEASE make the (stupid) ribbon in Limbo's Deluxe face removable. Has a Limbo main I cannot see (literally. lol) what that is doing there AND I can't even put an alt-helmet on it because he looks like a moth. And a moth with a top hat?... I don't think so.

PLEASE let us use regular Archwing controls in Open Worlds. Having it rotate everytime we do left-right is... Argh. NO! Also, please put an Air-Brake on that thing cuz I stop accelerating and the thing just keeps going and going.

Finally, I am very looking forward for that "questionnaire" Rebecca talked about for Fortuna. For the most part I found it good, with the exception of K-Drives/Ventkids and Profit Taker... those need an overhaul (imo).

Lastly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for Wolfs of Saturn. Definitelly one of the BEST additions to Warframe since I started playing. And whatya know, you didn't even have to hype it. It was just: "We're gonna rework the Alert System" and, voilá (Works much better than promising something then not delivering, I should say). #hydroydprimetrailer 😁


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The new ability UI is somehow worse than the old one.  The videos are nice to get a rough idea of what the power looks like in action but everything else about it is pretty bad.  There is a ton of wasted space, stripped functionality from what we have (which is pretty barebones to begin with) and the descriptions still leave out a ton of information as to how the powers actually work.  

IMMentat's list covers the stuff a power UI update should have pretty well.

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Posted (edited)
On 2019-03-01 at 5:48 PM, youngjdef said:


The abilities UI looks really cool! Just one thing!

PLEASE DON'T HIDE THE STATS BEHIND A MOUSEOVER! I'M BEGGING YOU! (That's how it looked in the devstream)

Please keep the current EFFICIENCY of the layout! i.e. Less clicks / mouse movements to get the information you need to see.

Thank you guys! I appreciate all your hard work! 

They've tanked the efficiency of every screen the new UI has touched so far, you expect them to stop now?


Before, we got pertinent info on every single item on-screen in menus.  Now we get information on only one thing at a time, because every single piece of info including prices in buy/sell menus is hidden behind mouseover.


The UI is an absolute disaster and probably the best example of what not to do when building a UI in recent history.

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