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Wisp's 4th black coloring intended or bug?


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I noticed in-game my abilities barely had any visual effects when colored black, I'm not sure if this is intentional or a bug. Shouldn't you have a strong black color rather than barely any?

I could have sworn this was fixed a long time ago with black energy colors, you know when we used to color things black and it would be a very dull white instead.



I don't see why making an energy color black would make it barely visible, rather than you know... black.

An energy transparency meter could be pretty neat for people who don't like flashy/bright powers, but having no option to have defined black colored abilities isn't the best option IMO.

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Color intensity affect the glow of the energy color. Similar to pure white makes it super bright. Black will make it barely visible...


Adding bright colors with your black may result in a neat dark streaks.


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Black turns emissive textures off. That's a property of the texture itself, where #ffffff puts it at max emissive capacity and #000000 makes it 0%. Sometimes DE adds an actual texture in between that is colored, which is why you can see it. It's clearly not the case.

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