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Failed To Create Session. Please Try Again. Appearing more often every time.


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I have:

Open NAT


UPnP activated

I don't know what is causing this but it gets insanely annoying when I need to restart the whole game because of this.

Once the "Failed to create session" message pops up, it won't let me even enter the star chart.

I have to close the game completely just so it happens again at some moment and one time I had to hard reset my xbox in order to play, because not even restarting the game worked.


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Yea it's a bug that occurs every now an then for me it's a clear bug they know about surely as well as all these other ones on here they apparently check these forums daily ha I do not think they do at all tbf these are some serious bugs iv got some really game braking ones iv posted but hey 

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Dear DE,

im trying to help out my friend with his missions so he can get to the story and fall in love with the warframe I fell in love with but you see every time I invite him or he invites me it shows us the please wait screen then shows us unable to join session host not found. please fix this so not just me and my friends can play but so the whole warfarme community can play together.

 Sincerely, some random guy 

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