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Tusk Thumper Dome


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There is a hidden timer associated with every appearance of any Thumper and if you do not destroy it within this time limit, it will disappear into the ground. Also the type of Thumper you are referring to is a Doma not Dome. 

Happy Thumper Hunting!


Helpful hint: Using the Shraksun Scaffold of the Operator Amp is my preferred method as the Punch thru Mechanics of it allow you hit the tiny green hotbox thru the body of the Thumper. Very handy because often the Thumper will turn the last green hitbox away from you preventing you from hitting it with conventional weapons easily. Also the Void damage is effective against Thumper Armor. In addition it appears that the hitbox for the Shraksun Scaffold is slightly larger than other weapons, I'm thinking it's because of it being an exploding projectile mechanic. Finally, the Invisible Nature of the Void Mode will shake off some Aggro of the Thumper too. 

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