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  1. Not sure about PC, but on Console you can NOT use a discount to purchase Plat. You also can not use a discount to buy Boosters, Bundles, or anything Tennogen. Since your transaction has already completed, your only recourse is to contact DE customer support and log a ticket. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  2. Your English is superb and I would have never known it was not your native tongue! Like I said before, more info (assuming it is accurate) is never a bad thing so I encourage you to make your tabulation of weapon data, mixed in with your personal usage experience, should make for interesting reading! Warframe can always use dedicated and creative minds to help showcase its plethora of choices available for weapons or Warframes. I am eager to witness your spin on your personal weapons of choice and commend you for taking your time to possibly help other players looking to find a new weapon to add to their arsenal. Do it because YOU want to and don't be discouraged by others who say its been done before since your views on weapons might be more insightful than just a spreadsheet filled with Stats that often time don't translate into " this weapon is FUN to use because...." Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  3. This problem has been around for over a month for us on Console too. I have to invite people usually 3 times because first 2 invites produce "Failed to Join" or sometimes it will say "player not available" when they are standing next to me! This has nothing to do with my internet connection, I have Fiber and I'm hard wired directly to router. It has gotten progressively worse with each update. This happens with many of my friends on Console, so I know its not just a "me" problem. The old phrase "third time is a charm" has become my new motto with the invite process! I can't seem to find a common thread as to why this is happening because it doesn't matter if the person is in Germany or in the same house as me, the invitation process will produce always at least one "failed to join" result. It is VERY frustrating indeed and I feel your pain!! Hopefully they are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it, but it is DE so I have to be REALLY patient, because the issue is not an Exploit, it will most likely not be a high priority item in the HUGE list of bugs to fix. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  4. More information to help players is never a bad thing, so if you have the desire and the time, I say do it! You'll be cool and popular! Maybe not, but if it helps one person become a more efficient killing machine in Warframe then all your work was worth it! Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  5. He can't start a NEW color if he's waiting for an existing color to finish researching the required time, is the issue for the person. I think DE does it on purpose to weed out those that are not really that dedicated to Warframe Clan Dojos and to keep you playing if you do have the dedication. Clan creation from start to finish is NOT a quick process and its designed that way to prevent casual players from making one. I have had many friends leave my clan to start their own, only to return after they realize the work and TIME required. It is a lesson in patience for sure and I feel your pain as a fellow Clan Dojo creator. Keep up the hard work Tenno!
  6. The Arquebex is Voidrig's Weapon you get when you activate his Guard Mode Ability. It uses the Archgun Mods and will show up as a separate weapon in the Arsenal upon obtaining access to his Guard Mode Ability. A useful Tip is to put the ArchGun Mod for Fire Rate called Automatic Trigger on it and it will destroy anything quickly! Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  7. Wow I can't believe I am reading a thread about how awful Nekros is and saying he's the "worst" too. Maybe you should watch a YouTube video on the many ways you can build him for non-stop looting fun! Even before the Helminth he was awesome, but now you can become a loot GOD! I take my Nekros into hour long Arbitration Survival missions without using his Shield of Shadows Augment, in fact I can't stand using them, as they are not only annoying in a mission, but they are way too much effort to maintain, for me at least. Here's a suggestion; Discover the Glory of the magical and fun power PULL all over again, which if you also put Greedy Pull on him, BOOM, God of Loot! Just because YOU don't think he's fun and cool does NOT mean it's true, that's your OPINION. I have several fun creative builds for my Nekros, none of them use shadow people incidentally, and enjoy leaving a trail of carnage and loot in my path! Have a pleasant tomorrow !
  8. Clearly you've been doing something wrong in your Matrix farming. Here some info to help you farm: Orokin Orientation Matrices are a common reward in the Isolation Vault bounties offered by Mother. One is also a guaranteed to drop by killing the Necramech guarding the Tier 1 Isolation Vault. You will need to collect 15 Animus Matrices to upgrade to Level 3 so here is that info: Orokin Animus Matrices are a rare reward in the Isolation Vault bounties offered by Mother. Guaranteed to drop from all 3 Necramechs guarding the Tier 3 Isolation Vaults. I never said you were lazy nor have I questioned your bullet-jumping skills. There are Arcanes to aid in your Operators Surviving better ( i.e. - Arcane Husk, Vigor are easy to acquire from the Onko in Cetus) or using a Focus School such as Vazarin, or many other tricks but most of these things require work and/ or grind. There is no cheesy way of completing the Veil Tier Level of Orphix Missions, you just have to be prepared because they are designed that way.
  9. There is one obvious solution to your problem...get a NECRAMECH! Please don't start with the grind is too long or hard, we all did it, so you can do it too. I am pretty sure you are going to need a Necramech for the upcoming New War, so might want to concentrate on getting a Necramech and stop worrying about completing missions nodes in Railjack, especially since they don't even matter when trying to obtain access to Arbitration or Steel Path. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  10. Your definition of a good Necramech might be a little different than what is needed for the Orphix missions. You need to build the Arquebex for Corrosive damage as well as the weapon you have on the Necramech, ( preferably the Fluctus ) otherwise it will be much more work to destroy the Orphix and any Sentients that you encounter. The reason for the Fluctus being mentioned by several people in this thread, is that it can easily destroy the Resonators because the infinite punch thru can hit them thru walls or whatever; as they are sometimes located in inconvenient locations. It's all about Speed Killing in the Orphix missions so every little bit of extra time you can get from killing quickly from a well prepared team, will enable your success. Good Luck and have a pleasant tomorrow!
  11. You CAN get a Necramech in a hurry, but it won't be free, you can buy a Necramech in the Market for Platinum. It's not that hard to get your own Necramech in Deimos but it won't be as quick as buying it. The Rent a Mechs don't last long cuz they have no mods on the Necramech nor its default gun, the Mausolon. You need at least one person on your team with a tricked out Necramech to be able to kill the Orphix quick enough before the next one spawns. The Orphix missions in RJ are actually a tad harder than the original Event due to the fact that the Spawning of additional Orphix happens faster! If you want to complete the Orpix missions, you need to recruit someone with their own Necramech or you need to get one yourself.. Its DE's way of nudging you to get a Necramech. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  12. I think the glitch might be related to when other players in your squad are using a newer Xbox X and are the host; as the loading times are dramatically faster and like Matfink3 mentioned, sometimes too fast. Sometimes I'm still loading from the previous mission and the countdown timer has already begun for the next one! Very frustrating indeed! Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  13. PlayStation players will NOT be getting any more Trophies as DE stated that they have reached the maximum allowed Trophy limit so they will not be adding any new Trophies unfortunately. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. People have been making suggestions on how other games got around the Trophy limit but I'm not a PlayStation player so can't really comment about if it is possible with some smoke and mirrors business. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  14. I encounter the same bug occasionally, but like the previous person stated, you do NOT have to restart your game , clear your cache or move your data to a different drive; it is easily fixed if you just turn your controller off and back on. Either take the batteries out or just Long push the Xbox button and then select turn controller off, then push the Xbox button again and BOOM all fixed. Yes it still needs to be fixed as it is terribly inconvenient to have to turn your controller on/off after a mission. I haven't quite narrowed down what causes the glitch but will let you know if I determine the cause. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  15. The topic is about putting a Range Stat in the game for Beam Weapons, so I know when I put a +6 Mod on a beam weapon, I know exactly what that means. I am in agreement with this person's legitimate issue, since DE can put a Melee Range Stat in the game, then why not for a beam weapon? Your comments are inappropriate and not necessary. Please take your Troll business elsewhere. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  16. If there are 3 or more occupants in the Dojo when you attempt to play Frame Fighter using the Ludoplex , you will get an error message telling you it's not allowed because it is a 2 player only game. Another words it won't let you play if more than 2 people are in the Dojo.
  17. Yes, I should have clarified and said Head-shot Kills thus voiding the ability to enjoy some nice Teralyst Brie!
  18. You mean the restriction of the Dojo occupants to use Frame Fighter I assume is what you mean. I have not tried to use the Ludoplex for Flappy bird or the Wyrm game, at least not in the Dojo.
  19. The Dargyn's spawn in the same areas generally if you take note of where you see them, Also, they almost always will be flying around the larger Grineer encampments like the ones located on the coast of each side of the map. Additionally, if you let the Grineer see you, 99% of the time they will throw up the little birdie that calls for more troops; usually the Dargyns are first to respond to the call. Personally, I hate the Riven challenge that requires you to get a number of consecutive head-shots because the head-shot mechanics are wonky sometimes. If the enemy is not facing you, sometimes it will not count it as a head shot, even if it clearly blows their head off! I'm all about the cheese, so I would just use Titania and enjoy a nice quesadilla! Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  20. Hmmm... I didn't know the oubliette was even able to be donated to a Dojo. As far as using the oubliette, you would still need a Enter oubliette key which you must purchase separately in the Nightwave store and still not sure if it would work, but I would assume it would since the Ludoplex can be accessed in the Dojo or the Orbiter. The only restriction for the Ludoplex is that there can only be 2 members in the Dojo otherwise it will not allow access. I guess you'll have to get a Key and test it but please let us know if it works or not as I would like to know as well. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  21. What are you asking of us to answer? Can you be a bit more specific than a 4 word sentence as to what your issue is that requires an answer?
  22. I can tell you it is on Xbox, as I got 2 Mausolon Rivens in a row when I was hoping for a Cortege Riven. I think you just are unlucky with RNG sadly and feel your pain! Holokey acquiring has been a nightmare of a grind; Zero Holokeys after grinding Railjack missions for an hour! Hopefully your luck with change is all the comfort I can offer, sadly. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  23. What do you not understand about the term PUBLIC? The majority of responses to you have tried to explain that you can NOT expect anyone in a public mission to do what you want, regardless if its in the best interest of the squad. Stop telling me to run solo because you don't like what I do in a PUBLIC mission. The only option you have is for YOU to run Solo as that is the only way YOU can control the outcome. Done. No one has labeled you a "bad guy" so please stop playing the victim, it's NOT a good look. Why are you beating this dead horse of a topic still. Move on and maybe discover a hobby, like Macrame to help calm your anger at Public players. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  24. Likewise as well, since public players are NOT yours to demand and order to do your bidding. If you join my squad that is set to public, then you should expect NOTHING from me since that is the way FREEDOM works here in America. My game, my actions. You are beginning to sound like a whiny child that deserves a Time-Out with all this demanding people do what you want cuz you want it. I don't like many stupid things that players do, but not much I can do about except play solo or deal with it. Just close this topic already as its not going to accomplish anything unless you have a specific solution to solve your problem. Some players have actually given possible solutions for your Lich issue so pass them along to DE so that they can maybe do something. That would be the most productive solution instead of making demands of PUBLIC players. Have a pleasant tomorrow!
  25. Completely agree with you as I am sure everyone can agree that sometimes the Lich names are beyond pronunciation because of the grab bag of consonants and vowels that are thrown together to form a name. I have on occasion scolded a fellow player to deal with their Lich, only to realize it was mine!
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