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Returning after 1-2 years. What have I missed? Need advice. LONG POST!



G'day everyone. I'm not particularly big into Warframe, but about a year or two ago, I put about 100 hours of play time into it. It's been a while since then, and I was hoping that I could get some info on what some of the biggest changes to the game have been during this time, what I've missed, and that sort of stuff.
As far as I can remember, I believe I completed some mission where a #*!%ing androgynous child or something came out of my suit, and then I chose to give some sort of red liquid to some staff holding dude who was previously controlled by it? I think? I did a few missions after that but then eventually stopped. I recall there was an update that added an open world, but I never got to that. I recall playing as the child for a bit and it sucked, as did flying missions. Are they any better now?
I'm generally a fan of slow+strong weapons and equipment and stuff, so if there's some sort of new hotness I've missed, I'd like to know about it. Back when I played, I did collect a fair variety of equipment for various situations, and I did spend a fair amount of time on the wiki researching stuff. Not sure how important the following info is, but I launched my game today just to check my equipment, and this is basically what I currently have with my character, plus a few extra questions.
For mastery level, I am currently at a level 8.
For factions, I am sided with the Steel Meridian and Red Veil. I have vague memories of these two groups having weapons that I really wanted at mastery level 12, so I'll stick with this. For frames, I have an Excalibur, a Rhino Prime, a Loki, and a Trinity Prime frame.
Honestly I wanted to go the whole game with just the Rhino Prime, since his straightforward abilities and tanky playstyle appealed to me, but I recall hearing a bunch of people say that he was really underpowered late game, and his iron skin was basically useless once you get further on, due to disintegrating within like half a second, since it only blocked a fixed amount of damage or something. Is this still the case? I also recall there was a new wave of frames that were separate from prime ones or something? What's the deal with them?
For Primary weapons, I have: Hek, Braton, Sobek, MK1- Paris, MK1-Braton, MK1-Strun, Braton Prime, Tigris, Tonkor, Paris Prime, Strun, Zarr, Dread, Prisma Grakata, Astilla.
For Secondary weapons, I have: Dex Furis, Lex Prime, Sicarus, Lato, MK1-Furis, MK1-Kunai, Aklato, Lex, Sonicor, Vaykor Marelok, Twin Grakata's,
For Melee weapons, I have: Redeemer, Skana, Dex Darka, MK1-Bo, Jat Kittag, MK1-Furax, Lesion, Destreza, Secura Lecta, Atterax, Rakta Dark Dagger, Broken Scepter, Broken War.
I recall that I did an especially high amount of research when getting weapons, and aimed to get stuff that was unique/has special qualities not found in other weapons. I believe a fair few of these weapons are generally still considered pretty great, yeah? I also recall the Soma Prime being a top tier weapon, but I don't like slow spin up style guns, so I didn't bother with it.
I'm part of something called the Zenurik, but I honestly have no idea what the hell this is. Something to do with the child? I recall I had to choose between like 5 new factions but had NO IDEA what any of it meant at the time.
For companions I have: Carrier Prime, Taxon, Helios Prime.
For their weapons I have: Deth Machine Rifle, Sweeper Prime, Vulklok, Artax, Deconstructor Prime.
There's also an egg floating around in my ship but I recall that I didn't want a dog since they needed to be fed and looked after constantly, and since my play time wasn't consistent at all (even when I was playing, it was on and off with many long breaks between play sessions), I didn't bother with it.
I also have 150 000 space money, and 4692 platinum. I am not afraid to use it, and would prefer to have the best version of things like weapons and armor instead of bothering with the objectively weaker stuff.
So yeah, that's my situation. What's happened in the game since I've been gone? What's some cool stuff I should get?
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2 open worlds have been adeed.
The first one (the one you heard about before taking a break) was overhauled after that, greatly increasing the visual appear.

The amount of guns added is too much to keep up with. Its a hit or miss, generally, but most prime weapons that were added are pretty goddamn strong.
However you might not have access to some of the best ones due to MR8. Guns got massively rebalanced at some point (dont remember when, exactly).
Slow and powerful stuf... Can't really think of anything extraordinary, really. Literally any shotgun falls under that category.

The child didn't got particularly better, i believe, but its managable. They got their own guns and cosmetic armor. The Focus schools (Zenurik) got reworked and got slightly better. The Operators can now directly affect combat: buffs, debuss, knockdowns... Its cute. Not super useful, but cute.

Both open worlds offer special custom-made guns, that are surprisingly powerful when made properly.
Especially Fortuna's secondaries, which immediately became top-tier on release.

Lots of lore happened. Bunch of new quests. Lots of new warframes.

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Well, nice is that Rhino can really put a ridiculous amount of armor, though you need at least one of his augment mods, two of them for a better combo (the one for rhino charge and the mod for iron skin), you can get this mods as rewards from syndicates, check your syndicate rewards. Probably you also gonna like that you can get your archwing weapon on foot now, after you have maxed the syndicate missions in Venu´s open world and start a quest for a giant boss. Either way just star nodes you are lacking and dabble a bit in the open worlds and you are gonna start finding the new mods and missions types. good luck.

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On 2019-08-14 at 3:22 AM, Artekkor said:

Both open worlds offer special custom-made guns, that are surprisingly powerful when made properly.

I think you meant custom-made weapons.
Cetus(the first open world on Earth) offers zaw melee weapons - considered the TOP melee weapons in the game right now, especially the plagued parts ones. They are all made from three parts and when guilded (you have to be at level 3 on Cetus to guild) they become with their real stats and you can put potatoes/forma on them.

The kitguns (secondaries) are on the same principle but are from the second open world(Fortuna on Venus)

If you want to build I would strongly recommend to research at least a little bit beforehand because the building, gathering recourses, leveling and guilding parts take a lot of time and it's annoying if you "messed up" the parts/stats that you wanted because you can't take it apart and start again no matter if it says modular.

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