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  1. As Arkennstar said, craft anything you need, it only uses slots after you claimed them, just leave them in the foundry.
  2. Hola Jeidragon, explicaron en el directo que el script que distribuye las recompensas tarda mas entre mas personas tengan, hubo almenos 300 k personas viendolo, avisaron que podria tardar hasta una semana distribuir todas las recompensas.
  3. hola Leandro, pues para empezar postea en la seccion en ESPAÑOL (https://forums.warframe.com/forum/137-jugadores-ayudando-a-jugadores/), seguro ahi encuentras mas ayuda, a ver si alguien ahi sabe, porque yo no tengo ni idea, suerte.
  4. but the movement lunges forward stabbing with the staff then a flying kick and you actually move forward quite a long distance; further than a slide, are you doing the attack while holding aim and pushing forward?, I was certainly covering large gaps when I tried.
  5. I also like spellbind status removal, but it being a defensive and support skill, moving it to a third powers incurs heavier energy cost and makes it less readily available, should fit well in fairy dust for casting on others and self.
  6. no hoods please, I will wait to see a bit more of the grineer look on the helmet, but I think the hair or other type of man bun has to stay, maybe something more mechanical instead of hair or energy if you are going for that.
  7. I like the new blade on the rapier, looks much more agressive.
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