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  1. Adding a bit, stance mods have several combos with different bonus, some can make your attack do double or triple dmg. they can also cause several types of procs, Aura mods affect your whole party and if the whole party uses the same aura mod, the bonuses accrue, exilus mods in general are support mods or have small complementary stats.
  2. I´ve never played on console, but if you have a chat window you should be able to input commands.
  3. as i have seen it, it will prompt you to buy the things you dont own, otherwise it will use what you have.
  4. you can usually use the /unstuck command in chat to help you out of this situations. and there are very few underwater archwing missions , i dont think you need to worry, cheers.
  5. Besides their appearance and being a reward for emtombing Hunhow, i was thinking thematically, mechanically they are a bit extra mod space, but being usable only by certain mods is clear they are customizable for personal preference, certain adaptability so to speak.
  6. I would thinkg there are several instances that prove his statement, we have infested Mesa and Chroma, the Stalker and his acolytes could arguably be frames without master and we even have Inaros´tomb guardian. We have the discrepancy with void powers and warframe powers, did the void give the power of Ash´s hidden blades or Vauban´s grenades. Not to mentions other enemies can replicate those same powers like teleportation, corpus throwing bounce balls, Ruk´s fire ball and even Teshin does Frost ice attack. We also have the construction materials, like Zephyr that is build using an special lost orokin alloy that is lighter that air or Hydroid using argon crystals that is a unstable material that break is physical form like Hydroid turns to water, and those have nothing to do with whatever human specimen could provide. I´d say that Warframe powers are clearly orokin technology, the role of the tenno is as Ballas mentions to be able to control the otherwise unruly frames, combing all 5 dimensions of strenght (infested flesh, grineer armor, corpus shield, sentient adaptability and void energy) at the service of the orokin. Human specimens would only be the best genetic material they got to provide the best infested results, I don´t think the abilities of those affected had anything to do with the resulting frame power.
  7. Have you ever seen a cowboy movie, some do a quickdraw and fire literally with the gun to the side of their hip, instead of aiming down sights, it exactly means shooting without aiming, and your guess would be correct.
  8. warframes are like Shinji´s mom, they only exist as a deep underlying subconscious that could surface as primal emotion and function when the inner child is in danger. On another note when I paid for warframe I paid for DE concepts and ideas, not the communal strangers of the net, DE holds the responsability and will be judge for what they deliver themselves.
  9. Umbra is a particular case, all other are devoid of their memories and a conscious mind, their bodies only use as genetic material for the infestation for which there is no cure and DE has mentioned how the tenno were purposely brought to give a humanizing weakness to the overbearingly powerful warframe.
  10. yes and no, you can´t justifiy it with a artistic interpretation of a modern video game, on the other hand that is a "coif" a interlink chain hood meant to protect the head that goes above a wool cap and under the helmet of a medieval soldier. I cannot in good conscious tell you that your opinion is wrong, but i worry that the hood has become a common vector for requests specially in faven´s tread, it is a path that narrows the artistic expresion and also goes against DE idea of frames having distinguishable profiles, as those identify and give the iconic looks to each frame, cheers.
  11. why are people obsesed with hoods?, I would think they are not design appropiate for a lot of frames, as they usually are meant to hide ones identity, they carry a stealth element not fit for example for Excalibur and his knightly theme as a forthright fighter, and conceptually weird (using a hood over a metal helmet)
  12. don´t give up i got mine about 2 weeks ago, now i´m looking for khora.
  13. Imagine an hypothetical scenario were one OP writes downs his complains with the game, we all discuss them maturely and came to a common understanding and a agreeable answer, DE agrees and plans on implementation, but it has to be down the line after current workload is done and the new phase or solution is planned and implemented. Even if everything goes right OP is still looking from some to several months to see the progress implemented, there to wallow in boredoom, despair or cynisism for the foreseable future, why would the players go suggest he avoids mental exhaustion be wrong. There is bound people that absolutely dont care about OP, but i think most people mean it carelingly, and it does not detract that DE deserves their critisism. I mean, people have been critical of the game ever since i joined the game several years ago, complainst about lack of content and challenge or how DE organizes themselves go back all the way 5 or 6 years ago, iterations of the changes are there, we may aswell be in one right now, when they say the are making stuff there is nothing else to do but to express ourselves and wait. And in some players the weight is more noticeable, hence some try to lend context or comforting words, some will see it as meaning well some dont, but that is the way of the forums.
  14. seeing this one online is a tool assisted version, and how that looks, I cant fathom that someone could actually pull it off.
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