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Rng Broken Again(For Def)


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Yesterday and even now , i m doing narcissus (not sure if mispelled) def to get Banshee Chassis , but here the deal


round 5 to 20 4x convulsion nothing else , today again same thing.


anyone else getting convulsion like mad from narci def?or just me getting 99.99% chance of getting convulsion?

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That's just RNG rolling against your favor. That's why we have the phrase "bad luck".


Running Narcissus, you have a 15% chance to get Convulsion on Wave 5. You have a 15% chance to get Convulsion again on Wave 10. If you get it both times, though, you suddenly have a 33% chance to get it on Wave 15. And if you're that unlucky, Wave 20 leaves you with a whopping 50% chance to get Convulsion again.

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