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Congratulations, you just rendered 90% of all melee weapons redundant and useless!


On a serious note : did you even test the thing?


EDIT : The Galatine. Sorry, it's 2 in the morning and I didn't even feel like typing.

On a serious note: 95% of all melee weapons were already junk compared to guns.


I'm not even claiming that it's balanced.  I'm just saying that melee in general sucks.

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I guess they are trying a new direction and if we like it they will hopefully buff/tweak the others too.


It's more like an experiment.


Still, it's not anywhere near a "I WIN" weapon as its double charge damage might make you think it is.

Its charge time is MORE THAN DOUBLE that of other heavy weapons. Good luck with interrupts if you aren't a Rhino or Ash/Loki, even on a fully modded sword.

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Isn't Orthos Prime still superior dps-wise to Galatine?








But given the vast difference in how easy/hard these two weapons are to acquire.... Even if the Orthos Prime does slightly more damage, it doesn't matter when it is so much more difficult to get.



Its charge time is MORE THAN DOUBLE that of other heavy weapons. Good luck with interrupts if you aren't a Rhino or Ash/Loki, even on a fully modded sword.



Thankfully.... or regrettably.... Charge Speed is one of the easiest attributes to increase.





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90%? Did you just pull that out of your &#! or was there actual thought involved?


Melee weapons are almost as varied as primary or secondary. Galatine is all about charged attacks, while there are many other weapons who's foci our totally different. Galatine's charge is powerful, but slow. Faster weapons with high crit, or simply more balanced two handers can end up killing most enemies faster.


People sit here and rage about how strong Galatine's charge is, but A: Most frames wouldn't dare get close to high level enemies to use it. B: It has an incredibly slow charge. Even modded it'll be one of the slowest charged attacks available. And C: The normal attack damage is practically one-handed sword tier.


Protip: Never just look at the damage stats of a particular weapon. There are other factors that balance it. Galatine will definitely be the strongest charge based two hander, but Gram is still the best balance-wise, between normal damage, charge damage, and speed.

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I don't understand the people who say that Galatine's slow charge rate and weak normal attacks balance it out.


-Charge Attacks deal more damage than Orthos Prime. Twice as much. Enough for a modded but unforma'd Galatine to take out Grineer Heavy Gunners (level 50-60) in a single hit.

-Charged DPS is higher than that of Orthos Prime, according to Thor's calculations.

-Nobody uses Heavy weapons for normal attacks for any purpose other than staggering and smacking low-flying Ospreys, which the Galatine wins at anyways due to its amazing speed (and the fact that it has a high vertical hitbox on the 2nd swing for smacking Ospreys, whereas Orthos Prime's vertical hitbox appears only on the third, making Osprey-smacking much quicker, easier to time, and more viable).



It has the highest burst damage. It has the highest sustained damage. Its normal attacks have the highest viability against high-leveled enemies.

Anyone who thinks that this weapon is "balanced" and "okay" is kidding themselves. Just going with the usual trends of the forums of lashing out against the majority who have reason to believe that ___ needs changing.

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I love you.


Now about the topic at hand. Most of the melee weapons were crap to begin with and it seemed like the orthos/orthos prime were the most viable melee weapons end-game wise in a manner of speaking and i hated how the damn things look. Now DE has added a delicious looking greatsword into the game that does some great damage when charged, well it doesn't do much damage on normal swings so that balances it out imo. So in other words OP, leave my damn he-man sword alone.

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I said it and I will say it again.

Rhin, Acrid, Galatine... next should be Flux Rifle Wraith Prime Stalker extreme fat edition.


Galatine is pretty much the same S#&$ting onto that ominous instance called balance as the introduction of Kunai was.

We have more important problems, still, all I feel towards this sword is disgust.

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