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Grendel Improvements


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I`m not going to write a long reasoning to this since it might just get ignored or deleted so ill just say that you can figure out the probs with him from the solutions I give and obviously some are add-ons.


Passive: enemies within a 50m radius will give him 50 armour.


1st ability:

·       Energy does not ramp up the longer you have an enemy in his gut.


2nd ability:

·       When stomping the ground, enemies within a 15m radius should receive a knockdown.

·       He receives 100 health per enemy digested.


3rd ability:

(This ability should not be a separate ability and should be combined with his first ability and activated when holding the ability, which means he needs a new third ability)

·       Increase splash radius by 7m.


4th ability:

·       Make the handling easier and get rid of the inertia.

·       Make this ability not require an enemy in his gut to be able to activate it.

·       If there are no enemies in his gut, it should drain 5 energy a second.

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