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Two handed Katana stance


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Probably because creating multiple animation sets, linking them with in-game mechanics and inputs, making it so that they don't cut over each other(since current melee allows switching from chain to chain), coming up with decent in-stance multipliers and adding all of that into the game without breaking something, takes some time and devs are kind of busy with fixing the game so that it doesn't fall apart and working on multiple large projects such as new quests and Plains of Duviri.

I'm not saying that adding more stances is a bad thing, I'm saying that you can't just go "why not" since it actually takes time, effort and imagination. Usually people that request something to be added provide some ideas of their own, some go as far as to draw things, or film something in-game and use it as an example - you didn't even bother with that.

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3 hours ago, SpringRocker said:

I'd like to see more of these types of weapons and more stances for them. They're probably in the works already (things take time) and I'd be surprised if they weren't.

I would definitely like to see another Bladewhip stance that specializes more in aerial combat, like how the kusarigama was used in the Toukiden game series. Throw the chain forward and latch onto the enemy, pull yourself to the enemy and unleash a flurry of blade attacks.

That would make my day in Warframe.

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