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Stealth kill bug: tests I've done so far


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So it looks like the stealth kill bug has still not been sorted despite Ivara's prime access being launched.  I think it may have crept in along with excilus slots for primary and secondary weapons (could be coincidence though). 

Basically, it is no longer possible to get stealth kills with any ranged weapon without sleeping the enemy first. 

I have tried:

*Natural and mod silenced weapons

*with and without multishot mods

*crept up to enemies until finisher message appears and then head shot killed at point blank range

*with and without companions

*going to very low level nodes like earth and headshotting with unmodded natural silenced weapons (daikyu, Spira prime) 

Also noticed

*while in Ivara's prowl enemies do not appear as alerted but do turn to watch me as I walk past

*companions attack whenever they want while I'm in prowl which they only used to do once I'd attacked a target previously

@[DE]Rebecca and @[DE]Steve did mention a few devstreams ago they were aware of the problem but no solutions yet by the looks of things. 

Please could you guys post any other testing you may have done here so we can put as much info forward as possible for the devs to try and pinpoint what the issue is and troubleshoot it. 


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