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Loki Fan Skin


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Hello guys! (Hope I put it up the right place.)


One of my favourite warframe is Loki. So I made a fanmade skin for him ~3~.

It's based on celtic symbolism.

Also I'm still working on it. I might rework the chest area ( I also was thinking about going with the same legs ~ or do 2 different types of leg)

If you like it, I  will continue working on it.(Also i was thinking puting a void vault on his back ~ Or something similar to that)

I only put on him simple colors (No shading because it's not the final version)

Fell free to suggest anything! Or critique ( if u say it's bad but don't tell me why, then please keep those comments to yourself) !♥♥ ~




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I really like the unique helmet and intricate gold trims. Cloth parts will probably look good in motion with physics. Just the chest seems a little plain and could use some embossed pattern or somthing like that. All in all great work for a first version. Already looks nicely designed and stunning.

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20 hours ago, Keiyadan said:

To be honest it looks like an oberon skin to me

I wanted to make his head look like a bit like those viking dragons that u can see on the top of the houses. ( I couldn't make it exactly like a dragon ). 

My aim was to make it look like a nordic - celtic little fellow. (Since Loki himself is from those tales).

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