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Trace system is useless


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14 Radiant Relics. 14 copper awards.

I'd love to be able to say this is an anomaly, but it isn't. I've spent literally thousands of tracebos on relics only to get copper rewards.

Do us all a favour and just yank the useless tracebo system out of the game, please? At least be honest with the actual drop chances instead of trolling this useless crappy RNG mod on us.

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People don't think RNG be like that, but it do. You know the expected drop rate of a Gold item in a 4 person Radshare (best possible odds) is only about 30% each rotation right?

And sometimes you just get unbelievably lucky, like an acquaintance of mine who went into a pub fissure with a single Intact Relic (worst odds) and got the Gold reward (He was actually aiming for the Bronze, but my point is that it happens.).

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I do often think that there should be some threshold where the RNG
starts to give. Something about the system of RNG inherently has an
upper limit to enjoyment. Sure, it gives us the dopamine of anticipating
a reward, but it also makes us near criminally angry or dejected when
we're, "impotent," against drop tables.

How would we propose a system to feel like we have just enough
control, to never feel out of control?

Just brainstorming here.
Each time you run for a rare item, depending the condition to obtain,
have a way to create/stack feedback of +%chance in that drop pool.
Once the item drops, it's bonus is reset to regular value. All others
remain independently boosted, until they drop.

     Ex. Each time you ping a drop pool, increase drop chance of all
           items from that pool that did not drop by 0.5% each time.
           This value is retained. (I do not know how feasible it is for them
           to store all these values, or what that would take.)
           Drops from enemies would tie to #of that enemy you've killed.
           Items in drop table get +0.5% on each until it's dropped.

If they did that, it might result in a fair argument for players to say,
"Why do the obligatory x runs for it to get easy enough to drop?
Why not just give us the thing instead of padding the game out?"

Though it would resolve a whole lot of players really feeling slighted by RNG.

Any thoughts?

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I wouldn't say it is "useless" per say, but I do believe it needs some attention. Like the "bars" that show up under the items actually displaying correctly in a way relative to the drop %, which is 10% for a radiant relic. Not the way higher % it looks like on the UI.

They also need to dramatically average out the traces per mission. The range is ridiculous for how many you could get.

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I've had strings of bronze items drop from Radiant relics, but overall I've been satisfied with the drop rates.

I think if there was going to be a change, what I would propose is a system where each trace spent adds a modifier to your drop roll for all relics. What this does is move a % of your roll from common to rare for all relics, and resets when a rare drops.

I don't feel like crunching hard number right now, so lets just use .01 as the initial example. If you Radiant 10 relics, you've spent 1,000 traces, so the modifier is 10. So your Radiant roll is now 40% common, 40% uncommon, 20% rare. Your Intact roll would be 66%, 22%, 12%. I'm sure it could be adjusted for better balance and maybe include modifications to the uncommon drop chance, but that's the rough idea. The more traces you spend, at some rate, moves your rare item drop chance to 100% until a rare drops from your relic. Probably be a lower modifier and maybe a cap or diminishing returns if implemented.

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