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Why Tactical Reload isn't usable on snipers ?


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The mod card clearly say "Assault Rifle" instead of Rifle, so it's not a bug, but why is this a thing ?

The mod is already balanced depending on the magazine since it reload x% per second, so you don't get more benefit on low magazine weapons (like snipers and launchers). Also the Synth set (which provide the same effect) does work on snipers and launcher, so you still can get the effect this way, so it doesn't act as a sort of balance to prevent snipers from using the effect.

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It can't even be used on some Assault Rifles. Snipers are not Assault Rifles though...

How to check if your gun is an Assault Rifle: Is Gun Glide a mod option? Yes: Your gun is an Assault Rifle, No: Your gun is not an Assault Rifle.

Examples of Assault Rifles where Tactical Reload mysteriously cannot be used:
1) Opticor Vandal
2) Kuva Chakkhur (this NOT a sniper).

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Its the same for the Javlok, Scourge and Ferrox. They originally allowed them to be reload upon throwing, so i ran around throwing it after emptying the magazine which was sweet as hell. But they removed it since it wasn't an "assault rifle" and its not supposed to work like that in conclave (but who cares about conclave). 

People including me have posted this on the forums every once in a while and DE has yet to do anything. I went away from warframe for about two ish years, and they still haven't reverted the changes. Its probably because they don't want to copy and paste the code for other primaries. Its silly. I would welcome a mod (although maybe its the synth mods) that works for staff primaries and snipers that does the same thing as if its a "new thing" because those were some crazy fun times and they could make it a drop mod for something not in conclave to avoid the confusion for those 5 people who play conclave. 


*I was on my way to this forums for this exact complaint again when I saw this.

*Apparently they changed how the javlok works im not sure anymore whats going on. 

*Whoa they reload now upon throwing cool lol

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I bought Tactical Reload off someone for plat with the Kuva Chakkhurr in mind. As nslay said doesn't work... To add to the list it doesn't work on the Synoid Simulor either (I assume the regular Simulor doesn't work, but I don't have it anymore to check). I know that's classified as and assault rifle by the sortie.

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