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Is there even a vision for Warframe?

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4 hours ago, Archone said:

They JUST ADDED MORE CONTENT. We just got a patch a few days ago! What, did you already finish all of the new content?


The problem with Deadlock Protocol is, that development time spent on it does not justify the results. What Deadlock Protocol offers is a quest (I honestly do not care about lore at all, since lore expansion takes way too long and there is hardly a story to tell in the first place); 1 Frame & 4(8) weapons. The actual playtime you spend to finish this CONTENT is 30 minutes for the quest + 5 minutes per Granum Void run.

Granum Void is another content island and after you farmed all the parts, there is no reason to go into this bare-bones "game mode" ever again.

Jackal boss fight as well as new Corpus ship tilesets are a mixed bag. On one hand, keeping your game fresh is a must and can be seen as a general improvement. On the other hand, it is completely empty! Visual upgrade is just it - a visual upgrade. I still have no reason to play those misisons, since no replay value has been added. Not with Gas City rework, not with Corpus ships. A pig in a wig and with lipstick is still a pig.
To be honest, I do not even like reworked tilesets. They are too busy for the eye and all the flashing and blinking overload already effect heavy nature of Warframe even more. Old tilesets were simple, but functional; new tilesets are a pointless visual fluff.

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On 2020-06-14 at 10:18 PM, WingR84 said:

congratulations that you're fine with Lichs "as is" after them changing the original grind to a tolerable level.

i mean i'm done with it and the "you can see what weapon you get before you kill the lich spawner" but it's still terrible if there are almost no players and you get a planet with some really bad missions on it and dont have other people that take you into "their" missions to unlock the 3 symbols in a way that doesnt force you to play spy missions spawn your Lich to die and spawn another "red planet" that has missions that at least make sense to play.

As i remember... Europe, Venus, Earth and the 3rd starter planet (because you have to go to Mars) are the worst planets for your lich to take, because of the low numbers of "good missions".But that wasnt my main point...

How many times did you had to go to the open world areas now to fish/mine or do missions for nightwave?
Do you really want to do 3 more rescue missions or some other stuff that you've finished months ago... just to get yourself 4500 standing for your Ubra Forma?

The hardmode will AGAIN be the next version of "replay the same stuff" because DE for some reason cant create new stuff fast enoth... while still beeing a big studio and owning the (for a long time) 4th most played game on steam that made MONEY FOR YEARS TO COME.


What comes next?
I think in about 2-3 months we get another prime....
hardmode is also on the way... (they still dont know about rewards).


Unknown release for Tao system and Corpus Railjack... abd "The New War" turned into "the Cold War"

That's why I skipped most of them, I do not enjoy them since it's still not great of a gameplay, but hey, a lich every month is plenty if you just have more games on the side or other activities. I also dont do every Nightwave mission, since getting to 30 isnt really a problem even if you skip many of the dailies and weeklies. So far I havent used an umbraforma, as they dont exactly offer a big benefit for most frames, and if I think about using one, I dont. the only time I remember them is when I do forma a weapon or frame, as there is the forma selection screen now always popping up.

Wf would probably do a better job, if they didnt push up "massive" updates, but contentpieces every two or three weeks. For me Tileset-Reworks dont matter at all. I literally did enter one of the new missions, just looked where I had to go to get the job done and that's it. Some players might enjoy the new look, but it doesnt make a difference as far as gameplay is concerned. (Aside from even more inaccurate waypoints)

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It would be nice, in my opinion, if more forms of player influence over the story and real reasons to cooperate with other players were added back in, even if it means a return to the inter-clan conflicts of old.  Imagine if the Fomorians still *meant* something.  That's what I'd like to see in a vision for Warframe; more reasons for players to try to influence the story and the game's universe, and a game robust enough to accommodate community-driven story development.  

Putting all that aside, the game should probably come out of beta first ;D

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