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It was covered and it IS done, however apple would not accept it because it does not do enough. DE need to add more stuff to it to get it on the apple store. question is does anyone still use apple devices? so 2010... (/hides from apple fanboys)


Dont hide from the willing Spies for the NSA punch them in the face. Remember with Android you can remove the battery.


Apple needs to drastically rework its phone in these times where our rights are being yanked from us.


I'd rather people get droid phones than get this as an iOS ap. :P

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Nexus is just a twitter feed filter, isn't it? Would love to see them add the Wardex, access your inventory so you can view your warframes, weapons and mods. Access to in game chat could be handy (atleast Clan chat) and view friends list. Going deeper - being able to fuse mods, swap out/instal mods, access foundry to start/claim your builds. Wishful thinkin!

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