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Zephyr (Turbulence) and Deimos


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Hi. I really like this warframe (although I realize that compared to others, marshmallow is relatively useless)
1). the "Turbulence" Ability does not work against the "Deimos jugulus" throwing disks. Especially spoils the game at high levels. Seriously, I use the ability to protect myself from everything flying at me, and I really count on that protection. But as a result, I am very quickly killed by what I hoped to be saved from.
2).Very lacking protection from "Deimos Tendril Drone". At least the effect of slowing down, so that I would have a head start.

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I guess its because the drones red shots, osprey green bee clouds and jugulus glaives are all coded as anti Archwing weapons that shouldnt even be shot against lone frames thus spaghetti code ends up excluding them (since player glaive throws do count and get countered by projectile killing effects).

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В 24.09.2020 в 02:14, superiouz сказал:

Test it. And die instantly

Lol what a mess.. 

But im sure if we are the jugulus. We will get the "hotfix" Asap. But because we arent. And the zephyr main its self maybe only 10-11 player. Then the hotfix.  probably not gonna happen. 

Because .. You know... 

Yes. Most likely, it will take several years before the hotfix. (as it was with the grineer bullets)

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