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Looking for octavia songs



I tried spamming the trade channel in-game aswell as region chat but no one ever replied. I also checked on google for a forum or source or whatever but couldn't find anything.

So I was hoping someone could help me find a source or trade with or give me a link or anything.

Specifically I was thinking some type of 80s rock maybe even "like a virgin" by madonna but I am down to buy anything good.

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3 minutes ago, Surbusken said:

Yeah I saw that but read it said 2017, I will see if I can find the guy in-game thanks!

Oh no no no dont worry he is active at doing this SINCE 2017 and guess what he still his ^.^ 

Look at the last page ^.^ He is still active and just update the thread since 2017 ^.^ 

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