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  1. Minus the babushka grind growing exponentially, what has really ever changed. Guy talking how he saw the writting on the wall after the 3rd copy-paste planet - what, the second one didn't give it away? Ultimately the combat and parkour is great and it's a f2p game. Mostly everything else are things you will have to cope with and try to survive it. As much as they like to think they are original, they base the game on the generic mmo formula. Repeating content with low drop rate rewards for longevity. And then it's hard to take a guy seriously, saying he doesn't believe in t
  2. You need to learn to de-code PR speak. "At some point", means the time frame is unknown because it isn't on their radar and they aren't interested in it. In the meantime, I suggest what I always suggest in any game, stay away from the cookie cutter items that are the most expensive. For healing and power regen, I actually recommend you look into shield gating, stealth, operator or helminth - you have options. Especially arcane grace makes me laugh. Especially if you are using zenurik to regen power anyway, I feel you are better off healing through operator, with a 100% chan
  3. Nah they don't nerf until things are done selling, ready to move on to the next. Or if everyone start flocking to any one item, other items can't sell so it has to get nerfed to make money.
  4. The fact of the matter is you are trying to shoot down a good suggestion by being a developer apologist, so don't come around town saying I don't have a point, when you are quite clearly not even debating. Like I said, they should just be honest, that they don't have the time to spare with their resources or there isn't enough profit in it or whatever. It's always an insult when people try to lie to your face, as if you don't deserve better. Just keep it real is all.
  5. Is there? Sounds like the same thing to me. What is the difference between "xxx" and "inappropiate symbol, word or shape". And are you saying it's okay to have a swastika on the wall of the dojo. What if I ask in game chat if people found the loot at the 'g spot'? (if you know what that is lol) Or I named my kubrow "mike hunt"? What if I crouch next to another player's crotch, while they do an emote dance? What if I do erotic roleplaying at a relay in a private chat, with a guy claiming to be a 40-year-old truck driver from new jersey... and they turn out to be under 21?
  6. Worst excuse I heard them make so far. You can abuse anything. You could make symbols or curse words out of anything in the dojo or use the already existing statues over there for the exact thing mentioned. Spam or flood the chat, insult people etc. Using limbo, loki, titania etc. to abuse, you could refuse to extract on speed run relic maps. What if I used the 'g' key to mark a standard item as a joke? I mean really what can't you mess with if you wanted to. By that logic we really need to shut the whole game down, because somewhere there might be someone doing someth
  7. I think maybe you are talking more about concrete dps numbers? My posting was more about the general conflict of contrasting player preferences globally speaking. Some are into lore and roleplaying, some like pvp, some are casual etc. etc. So if you make the game easy and 'mainstream', you push the hardcore crowd out and vice versa. I am not advocating either or trying to be derogative. Simply putting out that, that is the problem in trying to sell a product. That I brought 2 of the direct opposite consumer types, those that exclusive items and those that only want the same
  8. I am not entirely sure I understand the question here. We are talking about player motivation and needs; 'what different groups want from the game'. The game has to entice players in relation to their specific preferences, regardless of your opinion of the perceived value of said motivation, but the point was then brought up, some motivations are in conflict - in direct contrast, working against eachother. I don't know if that answered the question of if I didn't understand it right.
  9. Haven't tried them after the change. I am curious how you do a charged throw while holding a primary weapon, holding 'e'? Also if all glaives have the hovering mechanic the orvius does?
  10. I don't know what you posted or where, though I am pretty sure they allow negative game feedback, from the amount of complaining I do myself. Also the developers don't necessarily mod the forum directly, though they of course can - I assume they mostly don't read the forums lol. That said people are on them 25/7 anywhere they go, so don't worry they don't know about all and any issues. We all know how frustrating the game can be so rants are natural and healthy but they do have to remain professional and pragmatic.
  11. The following without judgement but in relation to problem solving; how to sell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspicuous_consumption conspicuous consumption n spending in a lavish or ostentatious way, esp to impress others with one's wealth Source: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Invidious+consumption Taken from a textbook dating back to early days of industrialized capitalism. Meaning, a long standing fact in sales. The attempt being to profile different buyer motives, so you can direct your product at a given segment. Now, one of th
  12. So they trade banned people as a practical joke, there wasn't really a problem with the kuva payout. Guys, they actually buffed it. I am always down to hear actual points which you do actually make but this sounds like hardcore, piledriving, cast iron developer apologism to me, everyhing-is-great.com Number one, we both know the developers don't go out of their way to buff payouts. Per default, blindfolded guessing if you had to guess if something is a nerf or not, how often would you be right. Number two, as this relates to high-end plat earning, what are the odds, this is
  13. Never tried that one yet but I do get stuck on venus in the hest briefing room a lot. Some options to try: - Go to desktop and right click waframe in tab. This will open a promt in-game 'do you really want to exit', that can sometimes save a messed up state. - Try a different loadout, glitch can be related to the weapons, frame, cosmetics, frame stance animations etc. Change everything. - Fish under stealth, keeping the local npcs alive. Should you get stuck, you let your stealth run out and npcs can then kill you, hopefully resetting the character. If that doesn't wor
  14. You can't necessarily discount the premise. Rewards aside, OP can easily be right that steel path is dead now, because the rewards are gone... regardless if he wants them or not. I guess my initial reaction is you have to reject the grind, so when they look over the precious metrics, they will have to entice the players instead of of them walking all over you as they please. But then they just abandon that content too so I don't know, if it's on the community to shape up or we need the developers to get it together. Maybe I will blame both. At the same time for people who h
  15. Too busy with "revisions" of things that cost them money, which ironically are things people paid for - I don't know if that's a paradox? Though, much worse with frames and weapons, where the texture type will change the color, frames have forced colors for certain parts, and the decals are all haywire. This one ash helmet I got, has 3 different color tabs interacting with the tail of the helmet. And, the texture of the helmet is different than the body texture, so have fun getting something going there. So coloring my legs adds an assymetrical stripe down my helmet like they th
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