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  1. I mean good gameplay is good gameplay. It's too oversimplified and unspecific, to say "pvp can't work" or whatever. Plus, we know if the loot is there, people will grind anything. Raids could have any number of features... or bugs, you can't really just say "raids" and make any conclusions. Good gameplay, with proper loot, well-adjusted difficulty etc etc etc. it's a long list of items, really. And it's fragile, taking only a few blunders to completely ruin features or game modes. "Generalizing is always wrong", lol... What I will say about gameplay, in general, is they sta
  2. I have no idea why people go there. I've been using the website to trade from day 1 and never had any problems, neither selling nor buying, or even with lamers and scammers. Might get like 1 guy per month who is negative but is more novelty and entertaining at that point. Especially now the website has an auction section, I really don't get what the point is. And yes I feel the same, the rare occasion someone invites you there for a trade, I kind of feel like start handing them some plat, just so they don't have to stand there.
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rebuild_Shields I put that instead of her balefire charger. Just don't enjoy her exalted weapon. So I basically run haven to protect the team, then run into the fire to tank, as much as I can. Rebuild shields has a 12 seconds cooldown, so it's more an emergency button, with pillage being the go-to for keeping up my shields. I feel more or less immortal doing that. I might use aegis storm here and there but since I can't use powers or weapons during, it makes me feel disabled, kind of uninteresting and passive. Though it has to be said I main
  4. I just don't feel the 22% to power strength is going to make or break the game. Already never dying and one-hitting nearly everything anyway, way too expensive and inflexible. I put an umbra forma on, I am obligated to that build forever. Maybe if I was one of those hardcore people, I keep hearing about, that has a extra duplicate frame per build, I could have a duplicate umbra build. But yes then I also use a whole bunch of frames, so it's just way too much work for 22% power. But maybe it is what it is, if it gives people something to grind for, why not I guess. /edit
  5. Yeah it's ludicrous, when you think about it. The amount of work it takes, to install a dock in dojo alone, having to mess with all the 2 floors up shenanigans and all that, to the grind of the intrisics, needing duplicate version of weapons - then at the end of the day, it was all pointless anyway. Oh yeah, I am totally buying a custom skin, when I fly public transport... not. You build a railjack... to not use it, what are you crazy. How dare you, with all the hard work the developers put in!!!1 I say it every single time, the problem of people not feeling attached to their ra
  6. It might sound crazy, but I really hate how operators and slumped over in their stance. I am not even sure what it's supposed to be and it totally ruins it for me. Feels like you are stuck on aiming camera or something. Also never understood the point of letting them be kids. I assume most people playing the game are a different age group, what was the point? Don't like the haircuts either, I'd rather have something 'normal' instead. In terms of gameplay, it kind of ruins any chance of balance, with operator being a get out of jail for free card, you can keep spamming.
  7. If the fight gets that intense, I usually escape by operator, can combine it with operator tether, operator healing but also simply dash through them, to earn a stun while buying time. Some other options are: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Rebuild_Shields https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Pillage Not sure if pillage overrides the cooldown, but if nothing else it still takes a few seconds to cast and expand, before you get the shields. There are also a few weapons that can help regen shields, such as rakta dark dagger, that will heal shields on radiation status proc. T
  8. Try asking in recruit tab. I never had a case, where some other people weren't doing the exact same grind as me, not matter how far out it was or outdated or whatever.
  9. Khora: Ted Nugent - Stranglehold Titania: Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle Zephyr: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight Frost: Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter Limbo: The Doors - People Are Strange Nekros: David Bowie - Dead Man Walking Nova: Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song For Karen) Nezha: Garbage - Stupid Girl Nidus: Pearl Jam - Leash Wukong: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Brothers Cup Atlas: Queen - We Will Rock You Volt: Van Halen: Running With The Devil
  10. If nothing else you can get the anniversary items and build up daily login-in count. The game isn't dramatically different, so it's really up to you, if you are willing to grind for kuva weapons and ephemeras, or build a railjack or necramech, or whatever. If you like some of the new items, I don't see why not. Just make damned sure you read up on what the grind entails, exactly, before you put in work. Like the warframe xaku is grinding out 2 entire planets, and eidolon drops etc. They turned the already heavy grind into a babushka grind, hiding grinds inside g
  11. Weren't they adding corpus liches to railjack? Maybe their goal is farming liches while opening relics via railjack?
  12. "Para referencia futura, la terminología correcta es "nerf sigiloso" o "stealth nerf".
  13. I hate to say it but railjack just isn't 'have fun and play'. First, the pain of even connecting to a group, which alone is enough to just not bother. Once you get in there, it's always chaos. Finding out who is doing what, what objective are we on, having to reload arty-gun, restoring power etc. You really feel more like a short order cook who is behind on orders, then the kitchen catches fire. You never settle down, focus on the job and play. You always get interrupted by annoying obstacles. And the chaos is stressful. Have you tried flying odonata on railjack missions? W
  14. The connotation of 'happy ending'... 😎
  15. I have everything I care about in the game. So at this point, I am not even trading to earn more plat and really have nothing to do. No reason to run a farm or really do anything, I just end up building a new weapon, or trying a different build, where I am running back to arsenal constantly. Especially if you level something, you are running back everytime you unlock more mod points. For instance, I haven't played railjack ever since I farmed sevagoth, and doubt I will ever start running endless railjack survival or whatever. Of course never say ever, depending on how the c
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