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  1. If you go by pure dps I think it's basically 4 frames that aren't "less optimal". You can also rank by purpose, loot frame, tank, spy etc where there will be at least one frame per role, if nothing else. Others might have a cool skin. Then you have frames like grimdeal, that aren't fun, serve no purpose and don't look good. Who here would like to be obese in their power fantasy and yes yareli right along with it. You'd be hard pressed to find an explanation of the reasoning, so yes useless I always like to ask what the point was. Cooldowns on lavos.
  2. Trick is to disconnect from the game mentally. Listen to an audio book, watch TV on an external monitor and so on, anything that moves your attention away. Then for the actual gameplay you add meaning to it by adding layers of objectives, for example take the time to level an archwing or gather map specific resources, relics or whatever.
  3. The implication is people reading chat don't know any better and you know that, and, decide to profit and prey on it anyway. To the credit of warframe's community people actually have a heart and sense of right and wrong, it's hilarious you are thieving people's money then play the victim card because the world is just so unfair towards you!!!!1 Your premise is people shouldn't police other people's behavoir, you are free to do what you want, okay great, then the door swings both ways and people are free to walk all over you too. It is "their time and effort they spend in-game", right? Or does it only apply to you because you are so special?
  4. The impression I have, which could be totally wrong, is characters like lotus, teshin and clem and a few others are really beloved characters the community... that hasn't done anything since 2018? Seems an odd choice to me not to milk it, I mean that's the point out here I figured, to give the customers what they want. Even if they had to resort to budget versions at times, smaller cutscenes or even just a voice over, it just seems really strange to me to have characters in high demand and then let them sit on the sideline for so long. Dating back to morrowind they added supplemental deep lore via straight up text for people who wanted to get really into it, which is to say the market and the demand is there, the interest in it. The lore to me is kind of like the oblivion gates. You get this urgent message you have to go do some world ending quest but then you can just go lollygag and ignore it. How important can it be. How much does it matter to the game and the in-universe if it's just a cutscene lying on a shelf. To me in a video game Player One is the main character and their interaction with the interface is the story. So for instance if your GF is really stoned and you talked her into playing GTA for the first time, preferably Vice City, not the consolized versions IV and V, have her go in blind and experience hilarious situations and reactions, then that's the story. I know elon musk is super paranoid about robots and AI taking over, as an example of someone who probably shouldn't smoke, but I grew up on windows blue screens and 'escort missions'. Can't take bots seriously, AI, cutscenes and voice over are a joke to me. Like if I watch a movie trailer it literally makes me laugh at how generic and flat it is. I can't stop picturing the facial expressions of the actor or I will mimic it and laugh at what my face muscles have to do to reproduce. Or sit there and go "cue dramatic sound bit" where I don't think it's possible to much further removed from "immersion" than I am. People on the other hand I find much more interesting to the point I almost only play co-op games. People are always surprising you, being creative, unpredictable and hilarious, sometimes even on purpose. In a video game the player is running the show so the whole industry concept of "errand boy" missions is simply outdated and primitive. Then AI needs to move to a whole other galaxy to be able to stimulate the human brain vs AI... for me to get into it. Think about it, most if not all games, chess, boxing, football, the very first thing, the fundamental concept is being able to predict the opponent and then improvise, bluff and throw them off at the same time. Which ties directly into "playing", which is where the human brain is so extremely badass, because we can improvise, create entirely new situations or outcomes we haven't been coded with. What happens if you don't know what to do about an obstacle you never saw before, you play with it - which is where curiosity and adventure comes in, fun. When I watch a cutscene, first I am removed from taking an active part - even though I am 'the user' /tron 1982, and the outcome is determined, and, it has no impact on the game. Where is the play in that, the problem solving, engagement, creativity and interaction. To me it's dead pixels on a screen. So I would actually say video games are in the dark ages, tragic how simplistic, repetitive, predictable, static and formulaic they are. The bar for "fun" has to be, I mean, we haven't even gotten on the bus, to get to the airport to take a plane to the foot of mount everest of where we should go. Anyway it's an interesting topic, I don't know if lore people would say I just don't have any imagination lol.
  5. With no offense to the lore community, I think they will be happy to get anything at all. I never personally saw a lore oriented player complain about anything, worst case scenario they just fatasize their way out of plot holes. I personally don't care about lore at all, to me I am playing a video game, but I always said they should focus on lore since there is obviously a demand for it. Probably going to jinx it now but there is really no way to mess up lore and story. And I know you are going to say the developers always find a way lol but yeah no not with the lore I don't think, those people are too dedicated to it.
  6. Aren't the engineer just as pointless? You get the level unlock where you can repair by clicking the map? In an ideal situation, when you grinded out the notepad stats, you should be able to not get boarded and do very few repairs? Though last time I played solo railjack my gunners weren't shooting anyway and I will say since the captain has to park the ship to go fire artillery and reload at forge, I will say the crew system is pointless.
  7. I like the poor naive bastards in here thinking there is some higher, overall plan or concept in place. "The direction they are going" cracks me up everytime. When every problem in fact comes exactly from the lack of direction. It's just throwing mud at a wall and see what sticks. Then some times it's alternated with a certain developer going off on an ego trip and forcing something like mining or fishing down people's throat. The only consistency is the ever increasing grind. It's so unstable they are actually afraid to go back and touch something like damage types because they are thinking at least people are using viral and slash. What if we mess those up too. So you just fire aimlessly and hope 'whatever' or 'at least something' sticks. If a weapon or frame flops then no worries it can just be MR fodder along with the 500 other items that's been given up on.
  8. You ungrateful!!!1 How dare you ask colors match just because you have to pay for palettes Coding is hard, go play something else first world problems!!!!!! Off the top of my head I think ivara is the worst one, with 3 different forced colors that don't match. Also some of ash helmets are pretty bad and for a lot of frames they messed up 'black'. I mean that's not even a color, no idea how it's possibly to mess it up. Maybe they had the sun come in the window and ruin the view on the monitor? Should be simple enough to move all sliders to zero to create black or no? lol... At this point I'd like to see like a hybrid cross over gordon ramsay game developer version. This is the hue and saturation you are serving the customers?!?!?!1 Or alternately for their costume contests, the developers get challenges from the community for something they have to match or make the same colors.
  9. In that case, I will say it applies double to you. Thing is, if you are willing to put up with anything what-so-ever, no amount of terrible is going too far. If people had not cared to put in that amount of sacrifice they simply wouldn't be able to get away with it. Again apathy is the star of the show. And not to bite your head off or anything but when you are willing to put up with anything and everything, you can't come around town later and be surprised at how you are treated. You teach people how to treat you right. Developers are like kids, you have to set boundaries early and often.
  10. I have to turn effects off because I can't see what is going on and I mean that's not even dramatizing the situation. The word clutter just doesn't do it justice at all. That aside to me the problem is how they ruin large portions of content by handing out powercreep with no sense of plan or concept. Where AOE invalidates entire weapon classes, time, money, effort and gameplay, that people could have been invested in. You'd think they would be interested in building up as many options as possible to sell more but the only thing that matters is the next powercreep grind. Not the gameplay, balance or anything that is not apart of the current grind. I guess most people don't think about it but to me I am unable to get invested in anything, when it can be nerfed and ruined whenever they want a new item to have powercreep. Feels like more than it started with an idea of gameplay or concept, it's just trying random things and then sticking with whatever has the least effort attached to it. Just spamming out frames and weapons every 3 months and then just not care about anything really. Hey it makes money right, so it must be great
  11. Apathy is your friend. Both in chosing to ignore as many unncessary items as possible but also your approach to the grinds you do decide to go after. So for instance, if you decide to ignore MR, you free yourself up having to go out and grind 200 cannon fodder weapons and so on. Where the goal is really to care as little as possible while then enjoying the few items you actually care about. Then when you do start a grind, again with apathy in mind, you do everything you can come up, to mentally check out from the situation. Could be talking to friends on discord not paying attention to the screen, watching TV on another monitor, doing 'side quests' or different tasks at the same time, knowing you were doing those anyway. It's doesn't feel nearly as shallow, pointless, bitter and meaningless, if you add meaning to by leveling an item or testing new builds or whatever, anything that can distract your brain from what is going on. You notice how sometimes you get a flashback memory so vivid other people comment you were all absent staring into the distance? That's the mental state you need to be in while playing warframe, simply not there. Other options I'd like to recommend is turning the game volume down and listening to like a lecture or maybe some standup comedy or whatever, some damned horror book, whatever it takes to move your attention, focus and concentration away from what is happening. Then the next time you ask yourself if you should spend money on the game you will remember how they treated you.
  12. I actually think nearly everything is hilariously easy to solve. Anyone who played video games intuitively understands the language, same as a kid watching a movie for the first time, it isn't science or magic or lofty aspirations of divine creativity, lol. It's elementary. A weapon is a tool, so you need a job for it. Game then presents you with a challenge or obstacle... that fits the tool. Then each tool can do something other tools can't. That's all there is to it. "What is the point?". ... which is where you show off your predigree as a certified professional with decades of know-how and experience: it could be a billion things, unlimited variety as per it being 'fantasy', literally anything you can think of. In say a boxing simulator you have finite options, not in fantasy. In fantasy you are free to create infinitely and unlimited. Everyone intuitively understands the difference between a grenade and a sniper and a rocket launcher, they all have their jobs and they all tie into gameplay mechanics, obstacles, roles, concepts and goals... unique to them. So I hate to say it but there actually is no problem or least there shouldn't be lol.
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