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How do you resource farm in Steel Path? e.g Alloy Plate, Polymer Bundle, Oxium, Circuits, etc.



So I know that Steel Path has a 100% Resource Drop Chance booster, so it makes sense to try and do farm runs in Steel Path mode.

I also know that the team comp is Khora with Pilfering + Whipclaw build w/ stat stick + Nekros with max range Despoil + Speed Nova + (Anything here)

Does Nova's ultimate conflict with Khora's cages? And does Whipclawing the cage & killing the enemies, proc Pilfering Strangledome & Nekros' Despoil?


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Nova's ult will speed up enemies so they'll get faster to Khora's dome (ultimate), killing enemies while they are ON the dome, will proc Pilfering Strangledome, and if you killed enemies in the range of Nekros' Despoil, then yes, Nekros will desecrate these enemies which will result in more loot.


Keep in mind (source: Wiki, Desecrate Notes)

  • Having multiple Desecrating Nekroses is still useful if the Nekroses themselves are spread out or if some corpses would disappear before Desecrate gets a chance.
  • This is especially useful when corpses are disintegrating faster than 3 per second. (Simply means that if you're killing more than 3 enemies PER SECOND, you will not desecrate all of them.)


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