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Hot key for individual cycled abilities would be nice


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I was going through the Xaku change notes ,

During which i though to myself "if only Deny didnt exist we would have two good abilities to cycle between instead of having to look at the wheel every time i switched my ability so i dont accidentally use deny"

I have had similar thoughts with other frames with cycling abilities (Vauban, Wisp, Ivara, titania , grendel )

What if we could pick ONE ability from that cycle to be hot keyed - i know i use vaubans flechette orb more often than i use his vector pad , and gaze more than i use deny and switching between them is a minor annoyance.

If i could bind it to say the " ` " key or a different mouse key it would be a small but significant improvement to the QOL.


I know Consoles will have limited use of this cause not enough keys but i am sure something can be done.

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I agree This would be a good addition QoL for PC keyboard players. However, how would the same feature to be implement for console(xbox/ps4) players who use controller?

The reason I bought it up is because PC version of WF is already much more advance than console version. Many console players wish they could transfer their account to PC. If we kept adding feature that only benefit PC version, it will only make the game more divided, more people wish they can be on the best version of game.

I am not against the idea, just bringing up some concern.

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Yeah, consoles would be a bit of a challenge. 


But it's more about lack of keys than the feature set. If players are so inclined to get more qol, they could plug kb+m to their consoles to get similar benefits.

Not a perfect solution but that's the cost of convenience I suppose. 

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