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Do any melee weapons synergize with Gauss?



Finally managed to get Gauss and both of his signature weapons, and I wondered, do any melee weapons synergise with him? 


Both the Acceltra and Akarius dont work well at close range, so it sounds like a decent melee weapon would be important. Are there any that work particularly well with this frame, or should I just use one of the weapons that are good overall, like reaper and its like?

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IMO he's made to be the best frame with melee weapons. So use whatever you want on him.

  • P: Near instant shield gate reset
  1. Instant short range dash that breaks combo animations
  2. Damage and CC immunity for being in close range, and 100% melee damage and stagger chance
  3. Bunch of CC, 3 different possible procs for CO, and 100% armor strip
  4. 40% base attack speed that you're almost forced to have at or near 120%. And projectiles that can proc impact and puncture for even more CO
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