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Mausolon riven question



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ngl i'd keep rolling

CD has a much higher impact on the damage than CC generally

meanwhile the reload speed is effectively worthless for the sustained DPS because Mausolon's magazine is already huge

so what you have essentially is a very bad negative stat and a basically negligible positive stat, plus two decent stats (it just isn't worth it)

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personally i won't use a riven on an archgun if it only has 1/5 disposition, as the good basic mods with at least one secondary element already occupied all slots.

provided that mausolon comes with high CC, CD is preferred. So -CD is really a bad negative.

Other good traits include +dmg +elemental. However 1 disposition really has a bad impact of good traits, as you can see, it only adds 50% dmg and toxin with 3+ 1-. If I were to replace the slot with [Critical Focus] dealing +60% CC and CD white aiming I could have reached way more damage than the riven. 

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Sell that riven. Weapon is still hot, pretty powerful and might get nerfed.
Riven is low dispo and barely worthy to use, hard to roll and you'll get +10-15% damage max which is negligible. 
Just put 2 formas in mausol. and proper build, it's best archwing weapon by far. 

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