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The weapon switch key is configurable in the keyboard settings (i don't remember the default).

Spy missions require you to access data vaults, then extract. Being spotted by the security mechanisms within a vault will trigger a countdown before the data is purged from that vault. The mission is failed if you can't manage to successfully retrieve the data from a minimum number of vaults (depends on mission).

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There is at least one Spy mission on Earth (1st planet) and Venus (2nd planet). You may not be able to see them yet if you've not unlocked required preceding nodes. If that's the case keep unlocking nodes and you will find them.

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I use Kappa on Sedna if you have it unlocked, Grineer and best infinity overall for time and the XP gain from Grineer kills for ranking up.

Spy Missions.



There are a total of 15 Spy Missions
Mission Name 
Earth Cambria Grineer 2 - 4 Grineer Forest
Venus Unda Corpus 4 - 6 Corpus Outpost
Mercury Suisei Grineer 8 - 10 Grineer Galleon
Mars Arval Grineer 9 - 11 Grineer Settlement
Phobos Shklovsky Corpus 11 - 13 Corpus Ship
Ceres Bode Grineer 12 - 14 Grineer Shipyard
Jupiter Amalthea Corpus 17 - 19 Corpus Gas City
Europa Valac Grineer/Corpus 18 - 20 Corpus Ship
Saturn Dione Grineer 21 - 23 Grineer Asteroid
Lua Pavlov Grineer/Corpus 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
Uranus Rosalind Grineer 27 - 29 Grineer Sealab
Neptune Nereid Corpus 30 - 32 Corpus Outpost
Kuva Fortress Pago Grineer 31 - 33 Grineer Asteroid Fortress
Pluto Oceanum Corpus 32 - 36 Corpus Ship
Sedna Kappa Grineer 34 - 38 Grineer Galleon

Tier 1 missions range from level 1 to 15. Tier 2 missions range from 15 to 25. Tier 3 missions are level 25+. Pago and Pavlov have unique drop tables.


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