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I Effing LOVED The Glassmaker Boss Fight


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Just , JUST finished the fight against Nihil. Good #*!%ing job DE, amazing boss fight, taking into account clues and knowledge from previous episodes, interesting mechanics, Nihil's design was mindblowingly amazing, and of course the reveal of Nora.

Cant add anything more, as this is still fresh to me, but what i felt during the fight was monumental. Was down to my last revive and my heart was pounding hard ^^

Thank you DE.

And no, i dont care about the reward at the end (Vitrica), I just enjoyed the fight, thats all. Cant elaborate why yet.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic.

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Did it twice yesterday and i have the same thoughts. Wish [DE] made more boss fights like this instead of the Bullet Sponges we know so far.

Also, i am hoping they add a way for us to fight the Glassmaker again after the Season is over, it will be a shame if this Boss fight goes away permanently. :/

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