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Early Drop of Octavia Prime (or Gara Prime), maybe?


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I keep semi-automatic tracking of Prime release dates, and there is an anomaly this Xmas, as you can see in the image below, the last 3 primes have had 105 days between releases (~3.5 months instead of the normal ~3 month release period), this has pushed the annual Prime Access count down to 3 this year. While there is the occasional 105 day period, there has not been 2 100+ day periods in a row (or even 2 in the same year) since the DE first started to release Primes in 2013, let alone 3 100+ days in a row as in 2020.
This year will be the first year that only 3 Primes will be released since 2015, it also means that DE will miss the holiday window before Xmas to release a new Prime Access even with a return to a 3 month period between Prime Access releases.  

So do you guys think we'll see an early release of Octavia (or Gara) Prime so DE can get in one last Prime Access before Xmas?
I feel like it's a pretty important date to miss, but it did happen in 2015 with a 133 day gap between Trinity Prime in October 2015, and Saryn Prime in February 2016, so who knows maybe it's 2020 giving us one last middle finger before 2021 tags in. 


Note that all future Prime release dates (in the darker grey) are a prediction based on the most recent release plus a 3 month period.

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