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  1. For the most part I play something else and wait for the next update. Got Magnus Prime in about 2 days. Waiting for a affinity boost login reward to forma it. Playing RD2 online till then.
  2. I’d be more worried they are gonna break the new war up in 4 parts to stretch out the content so it will last longer. Kahl update, corpus update, teshin update, then back to warframes or some kinda BS like that.
  3. I think it’s the graphic details option. Does it link in chat? I can try and post one in about 30 mins or so.
  4. Someone defending this oops with their own head cannon in 3..2..1… (and there it is) ^^ lol
  5. Great question! Should it have an Orokin theme and not Entrati?
  6. Umm err hmmm?! But the dominion skin on zenistar fits in the game and isn’t too big?! Was that really their excuse?
  7. Yup. Every primary and secondary Gun has a fire rate. Holding the fire button down to shoot would be a great QoL change. Knowing DE tho they’ll make it a mod or some sht.
  8. They haven’t finish the melee rework from 2 years ago, So who knows. Oh you mean this? I mean this ^ has been advertised sense 2014 so who knows. I mean took DE 7 years to introduce birds. So I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  9. sure wish I could actually use it as a sheath and not decor only! Or add my paracesis to it! Oh well must have been to hard or difficult to put it in as an useable sheath. Sooo um thanks for the sheath for my wall DE..?? I guess…
  10. I typically just play maybe a couple hours or so a week. Farm up some plat wait for a discount and buy. Took a few days to trade for Magnus Prime for 150p. Currently waiting for a login affinity award to forma it. I don’t play nidus or strun so time to play something else till next update.
  11. Now that Magnus Prime is out Id like to put Magnus Prime in my Primary slot and AkVasto Prime in my secondary slot. *bonus would be getting rid of the traditional primary secondary melee slots and replace with Slot 1 Slot 2 and Slot 3 and let us equip any 3 weapons we want.
  12. Typically primary: none or unless doing something specific. (If specific Rubico Prime) secondary: Magnus Prime (was AkVasto Prime) melee: Redeemer Prime *really really wish one day I’ll be able to equip a secondary in my primary slot.
  13. I’m not buying because infested decor is weak. I don’t need plat or boosters. Mech skin is a skin. And it’s $60. Yeah hard pass.
  14. Took 5 years to get AkVasto Prime. And that was when Nova Prime was unvaulted 2nd unvaulting. So 2026… lol 😂
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