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Why does game still have crash permanent loot loss in 2020?

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I  would assume they have enough talent there to handle this.  I could go into full details how i would approach this code wise and not require costly datacenters - but that would be waste of time in the forum.

But in the end - there are thousands of different hardware and software configurations and selected in game settings. There will be bugs, edge cases, random failures that cause these failures.
I would assume there are thousands of cases every month.

It's not the only p2p game out there so this problem is not unique.

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This topic points the finger at a more general issue. That client architecture has imho to be redone for WF to evolve, it was bad at release but it was justified as it was working and was soft on server resources for DE. Now the netcode is at a weird state where there it kind of works but some bugs remain(like affinity bugs), instead of being reworked it has been patched on the mission side with loads of lua scripts, in the end I'm baffled that it is still working now. It is kind of huge for the player, even if it works it is extremly limiting on the creativity side as well. 

Long story short it reduces game design possibilities and acts as a damocles sword for the game because at a point in the future, it will just stop working. Like imagine Pablo or the probably few knowledgeable persons able to fix the mess leave, the game will stop beeing able to evolve or it will cost so much(like hiring experts for weeks to solve somthing that would have taken few hours) that it won't be justifiable to patch anything any more. That happened before Warframe and definitely bound to happen for WF in a not so far future if it keeps going :).

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On 2020-12-19 at 6:11 PM, minininja77 said:

The answer is simple you crashed and that caused you to fail the mission, and when you fail a mission in this game you get no rewards. 

Having this in place defeats the entire point of the risk/versus reward system. It would be like "I don't think we can handle another 5 but screw it we have Nothing to lose"

Your reply doesn’t even make sense. This has been a problem for so long  it’s ridiculous. It’s like they don’t even care enough to even try to fix this problem 

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