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Octavia’s Fandom Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Hello everyone!

Here's my submission for the contest:




Six months ago, I took home a cat named Octavia.
I just needed to create this video.

Created under her strict control.

Photo of a cat - attached.



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 Aaaaand done!
The video for this contest came out in the same way as with the poems in the previous one for Valentine's Day - rather mediocre. Not often I sit in the program for creating videos... And I still have not been able to farm Octavia Prime due to the fact that the level of my luck is lower among the low ones...

 ANYWAY, I would like to wish a level of luck higher than the highest to all other participants!
Be more musical tenno, and give into... the beat?

+ Try to watch the videos in this competition at 2x speed, it turns out pretty funny)


P.S.: The competition will end tomorrow, and after watching all the made so far videos, I would like to speak out.
  For some reason that I don't understand, some of the works is mostly visually tied to the usual "passage of the mission". For example they just run... and shoot... and run... dance a little (to the rhythm, if you're lucky)... some melee... and shoo..-WHAT is this?! And it`s okay if it looked harmoniously and appropriate to the rhythm, but no,       just       shooting      . In some videos, I can just imagine that the main character is NOT Octavia, and I would not understand that video it was created for a music competition.

 Come on folks, this is a music warframe contest! Why has part of the celebration of the release of musical prime turned into a shooter vanity? Yes, there are really good ideas here, but in my opinion they are not enough... Maybe I take it too close to my heart, but personally I expected more good MUSICAL movement.

Edited by Dan_Dagazz
Punch :3, P.S. and more P.S.
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