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Personally believe banshee needs a rework


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Banshee only has one useful ability to rely on which is sonar.

The other abilities are purely cc without useful damage and her survivability is really low.

I've only seen two useful builds for her which either relies on her sonar augment or arcane to make her invisible with her savage silence augment.

The helminith system helps make her better but not as useful as other warframes which do her job better.

I want to play banshee because I love her concept but her gameplay needs to be reworked in my opinion.

Does anyone else agree.


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If you like her playstyle but think her concept needs to be reworked, chances are you don't really like her playstyle. Every one of her abilities has a solid basis, and aside from tweaks to improve ability synergy and at most a more interactive mode of attack for her ultimate, and a damned update to her casting anims so she can move while doing that, you don't need much else to make her fun in addition to her already being powerful as all hell.

One handed casts for Boom, Sonar and Silence. Double damage for boom and a guaranteed hit to sonar weakspots. Increased stagger and knockdown recovery times for enemies under the influence of Silence. A cone shaped focus mode for quake that focuses the damage onto enemy sonar spots at the cost of higher energy drain.

There, now her kit would feel way smoother, and the major complaint people have with her ult(being boring) is gone. Silence could use some additional fixes/tweaks, like disabling Aerolysts invlunv recovery and eximus with passive effects as well, but that's small fries compared to improving her kit's cohesion.

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On 2021-04-23 at 11:59 AM, (XBOX)EtherealSoul957 said:

Banshee only has one useful ability to rely on which is sonar.

The other abilities are purely cc without useful damage and her survivability is really low.

Dunno, my high Range Sonic Fracture build melts Steel Path Grineer pretty easily,
she's got multiple forms of CC (wee Pull in place of Silence for yeet & yoink madness)
plus of course Shield Gating to help not melt all that quickly herself.

That said, there's plenty of ways to go about buffing her that wouldn't be out of line, she could use some updates.

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I agree with you as far as saying banshee could use a tune up. She can do a lot of damage but her survivability is really low. If her CC from silence was made more reliable that might be enough to change that. I'm not a fan of her quake ability either. It doesn't really do anything that seems worth the energy cost so I'm using that as a free ability slot with helminth. Her 1 and 2 seem fine, I think between silence and quake one of these abilities should be made to help her survive.

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As much as I like Banshee for her looks, she needs a revisit or a rework.

Here is my version if a revisit for Banshee, tell me what you guys think.


NEW Passive: Depending on the level of noise in the environment will determine the weapons and abilities performance.

·       There is a sound indicator showing the volume level of noise.

·       If there is no sound, weapons will be silenced.

·       If there is noise in the environment, her ability strength will increase based on the level of noise.

·       Sounds that Banshee makes does not add to the volume gauge.


1st ability:

·       Enemies hit will receive a 30% slower knockdown recovery.

·       Enemies that hit a hard surface will take more damage.

·       It can reflect projectile weapons back at enemies.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Can break breakable objects.


2nd ability:

·       Can be used on the move.

·       (Synergy) Enemies affected take increase damage from her 1st and 4th ability.


3rd ability:

·       Enemies will notice you within a 10m of their vision.

·       Enemies will have a slower reaction time when noticing you (if you stand in front of them it will take them 3 seconds until they react to your presents)

·       If you hold the ability, you can control how far the ability reaches based on how much range it has.

·       Show the radius of the ability.

·       Put an indicator above enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games)

·       If enemies are alerted, casting this ability will revert them back to being un-alerted however they will still be alerted if the alarms are on or if you are in their sights.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Remove muffled sound.

·       (Synergy) If you use after casting the 2nd ability, you can see enemies through walls. It will also give you 4.0 punch-through on weapons. (can be increased by strength mods)


4th Ability:

·       Enemies will be suspended in the air.

·       After being cast, you can now move around while active.

·       It drains 6 energy a second.

·       After deactivation, enemies will have their damage reduced by 80%.

·       Can break breakable objects.

·       (Synergy) because this makes continues noise, the volume gauge will be at its highest as long as the ability is active.


To see other ideas I have for other frames, look here



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