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Taveuni Kuva Requiem Void Fissure Survival - No 5th rotation relic bonus reward.


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After opening my 5th relic and reaching 25 minutes in a Void fissure mission on Taveuni, the mid mission relic reward screen tells me that I obtained a void relic, but I don't actually get anything.

This also applies to every following "5th" rotation, I didn't get anything at the 50 minute, 75 minute or 100 minute mark either.

I have checked through ALL the 5 types of different relics for any new exceptional (25 minutes) and flawless (50 minutes) relics, but there were absolutely none. (I heard from a random person I played with that you supposedly get axi relics as bonus rewards on taveuni, but this wasn't the case here either)

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Another run and still no bonus relics :(


If you (other players) had the same problem, please post in this thread, single poster threads always look like a user error instead of a game issue.



I'm talking about the relic you would earn here


For "10 Relics Opened" you should get a Flawless Relic, so it would be impossible to miss, since I don't own any of that kind or ever refine relics to this state.

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I have the same issue, but I just did Survival/Lith on V Prime (50 minutes). I should have 1 Flawless Lith Relic from the 50 minute mark (and 1 Exceptional after 25). But I checked my relic collection and I have 0 Flawless relics.


I did a few 25 minute Survival runs and I think I narrowed this issue down. If you crash and rejoin the mission in time to open 5 relics, you will not get the reward regardless. It will say you got a relic reward, but there will not be a mouseover tooltip.

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This might be for a different topic, like "Host migration issue".

5 hours ago, DarknessNightshade said:

I've had problems before with this issue, but in a different way, sometimes the rewards screen will just refuse to give you anything and insist you didn't choose a relic, in any fissure, which seems to occur either after a host migration or a network drop of the host.

I posted here as the main topic are both concerning "Requiem Void Fissure + Relic reward".


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