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  1. There shouldn't be any reason for a fix. There not being any synergy between the two is most likely intended.
  2. Honestly best policy for public games is that anything goes, invite only or solo mode are there if you're that serious about your quality game time, spent all day today and yesterday in invite only cus I didn't want somebody failing a spy mission I was grinding for Ivara. While Railjack and the Lich/Sister parts of the game are built to promote team play, you get penalised for playing on your own with missing out on potential drops. Even moreso with the holokey changes. With New War and Sisters, Railjack is becoming more of a mandatory part of the gameplay loop that the devs call Warframe's unique "flow".
  3. I've found that the mission itself does drop relics, but there's nothing indicating that you recieved anything. Can be checked by looking at mission progress, the same way you'd check your current mining/fishing haul because scroll doesn't work in the tab menu for some reason. And yeah, having spent a whole day grinding for Ghoul Saw and fighting the wishy-washy matchmaking of Cetus, it's kinda underwhelming. It is really fun to just rev the saw and run through a crowd, but I feel it has a few issues. Specifically, the saw itself only attacks once despite being a spinning blade, you can't hold down to keep it revved up like it was advertised at Tennocon, and generally the base damage of the weapon, being an event exclusive, just isn't worth the effort to get it up to speed, it feels intentionally underpowered. Hopefully there will be further polish to help those that purchased Nidus and/or spent the time to figure out how to grind his relics, or the people that are still spending time grinding away in the plague star event.
  4. You may want to check the wiki for the entry on Punchthrough, it goes in-depth as to how it works, which weapons have innate punchthrough, etc. Generally, punchthrough is useful if you're fighting against crowds, such as late survival runs, infested missions and so on, or if you just want to be able to shoot through thin walls and such. Generally, you may not want to use punchthrough on explosive weapons as they won't explode on impact until they've hit the next wall, seen most common on Kuva Bramma where the arrow may travel through the floor first.
  5. Generally I'd advise against "scamming". There was a thread made explaining the alert was bugged and you get to keep your kitgun riven, the second alert will give you the proper shotgun riven.
  6. Did you check the secret room that's down in that pit? Ayatans spawn in the same place as syndicate medallions so they tend to be well hidden.
  7. Afaik, you can't be taxi'd into those nodes without the proper intrinsics. You can join random crews via the railjack star chart, do enough of those and you should unlock higher tier railjack missions through intrinsics.
  8. A single override can be kept, I don't think additional overrides can be stacked as you'd already have the nodes filled for the override.
  9. You only need to do 6 and 8 squads for two rolls on the Harrow part, that's how I got mine, using an Oberon spamming his 3 for heals.
  10. Afaik DE don't interfere with clan issues, you're better off making a new clan.
  11. I think this could be explained better. Rather, you would have an unfair damage increase in the cases where you're fighting multiple factions in the same mission. For example, during a Fissure mission on Earth, you're facing both Grineer and Corrupted enemies, during Crossfire, you might encounter two of any combination of mobs, etc. The 220% increase in power is innacurate, rather you'd really only be facing an extra one or two factions at any one time, which is still an increase of DPS per faction, however. Or say, in cases where you're fighting in Sanctuary Onslaught, it would be a 55% after-the-fact buff applied to those factions you don't have a faction.mod equipped for, functionally it'd be the same as a buffed Serration, which buffs the same amount regardless of faction. To summarise, it would actually be a damage buff and serious power creep to something meant to specialise in one faction. So yes, it would affect universal DPS, and yes, that affects balance.
  12. Either ask your clan members or buy one from the warframe market website from others for a plat or something. The Wiki has exact drop chances and enemies as Zhoyzu posted, but most likely you can get one for free as most older players will have at least 10 to 20 lying around in their inventory and are mostly worthless to sell.
  13. Honestly, you can't really lock the task on Nightwave as other tasks that require standing aren't locked, such as Conservation tasks that require 5/6 different captures, which all have their own Syndicate tier. I don't understand why someone would be upset that you can't just skip the syndicate grind because you can't do that anywhere else (Loid with Necramechs for example), it takes maybe a week or so to max out the syndicates passively, and the Rank 5 requirement is required because of a Lore reveal, to make sure you can take on higher level bounties, and generally prevent it being a case of the majority of people who play it being carried, which is how I think it should stay.
  14. If you're bored or aggravated with the game, take a break. Burnout is a very real thing with such content heavy games like Warframe, being burnt out skews your perspective of the game because you just don't enjoy the game, so grinding further will make you hate parts of the game you'd otherwise enjoy because a quest turns into a job. Bounties are an essential part of gaining standing to rank up with syndicates, and not getting Arbitrations means you miss out on both Arbitration Honours store, endo, statues, mods, and Steel Path and Teshins Store, where you miss out on weapon arcane unlockers, various items to make the grind easier, etc. I've taken a few breaks myself over the course of the 1k hours I've put in so far, looking at videos for ideas for builds or watching streamers on twitch usually helps to get me back in the right start of mind to start playing. If you're struggling with normal star chart, you might wanna consider upping your modding game, use Overframe for reference and then go acquire those mods, etc, maybe look at certain warframes you might want to increase your mastery and go get those. I'm not gonna tell you to get back to playing, ultimately that choice is up to you
  15. I've noticed that after Profit Taker runs, a Coolant Raknoid or two will follow me into Fortuna, and I was thinking to myself "why is this not a pet we can have". We have more ridiculous things as Sentinels and Companions, and they look like cute murder machines if they were scaled down a bit, with maybe a Precept like the Hounds have where they can spawn smaller Toroid raknoids. Just made this thread to gauge if there would be any actual interest in the idea.
  16. That was removed in a hotfix forever ago. You can get the same weapon twice after a kill.
  17. Due to character limitations I don't think it'd be possible. Hitting anything more than 10k breaks most ability counters and instead displays scientific notation like we can do the math on the fly... If you get more than 10 million damage in the fomorian event during one mission breaks the alert counter. Though for damage numbers I've seen multi million crits, so that could be a potential suggestion to the devs to make it more readable, but then you'd have to account for how each region splits it up, making it not worth the effort probably.
  18. To be honest, to be able to fully kill your lich the first time you might end up in lvl 60 something missions, up to 100+ if s/he's stabbed 4 times. War Within being a pre-requisite means by that point you should have at least some game knowledge, although like everything else in the game, it's the presentation that gets you, or rather, lack of a proper explanation (a basic rundown is only given to you after killing a candidate) I agree that putting a weapon on the screen with a hint is straight up baiting the player into a situation they'd rather not be in. Which means now this guy has to go acquire 3 of 8 mods which you only get a chance of getting from relics, which have a chance of dropping from Thralls. While it is an abrupt tall glass of get gud, I doubt anyone actually did their first Lich solo, which is good in that enforces people to work together, but it's done in such a way that it doesn't really accomplish anything, you're not really told to better your builds besides a single quest requirement where you slot 3 mods in your warframe in the tutorial, making it so they have to rely on existing players or the Wiki for assistance. I'm not a fan of it as I was one of those players that got sucked into spawning one, thinking I'd just earned a cool gun randomly, by that point I was prepared but others aren't so lucky.
  19. Honestly, you want to look at Overframe for builds to look at, then use the Wiki to see what mods from the build you're missing can be dropped from and go there. Otherwise, you can sell stuff you get from relics for platinum from other players and buy the mods you don't feel like grinding. Usually, investing into Vitality and Steel Fiber will give you some effective health early on, though usually you want to invest into the warframe's powers, which means investing in a Reactor. When you've maxed your lvl at 30 and have an Aura mod, you should get plenty of capacity to play with, which is where you can start using the more powerful mods you can pick up from Deimos with dragon keys from your Dojo, which give you a boost in return for a nerf to one of your other stats. You may also want to look at seeing what weapon is decent for your Mastery Level, most early game folks grab the Boltor and move on to the Hek or Primed weapons where they can get them, Overframe will have builds for those too. You may want to get familiar with Forma, it allows you to cut your mod costs by giving a slot a polarity, slotting a mod with a matching polalarity will halve the cost, though putting a wrong polarity mod increases it slightly, and can be got from Relics most commonly, bought from the Market, or through a Music Puzzle room uncommonly. If it helps there is a Warframe discord where you can join a builds channel to discuss particular things in detail, as most early players tend to need advice from others because the game's systems (especially one as important as mods) generally aren't explained that well.
  20. I think you may have me confused with someone else, ignoring people because they're asking you for a reason why the change should be implemented is a way to not get your change inplemented. My first post outlined this very thing. A slash/viral build with a Bramma on steel path will not be all that effective on steel path vs Corpus, as I've said before, Mag/Toxin is the way to go there if you actually cared about min-maxing your damage that much.
  21. Consider learning how to mod your warframe and weapons properly, most people use Overframe as a reference for builds. The game is all about that grind, so you may end up going back to deimos or the open worlds to get the mods you need.
  22. I mean, everyone has their social time too, just progress in this game towards completion isn't exactly rewarding for the people that set up squads for dead planet nodes, people with different limits as to how long they play, and being forced into teamplay regarding killing sisters/liches for optimal rewards, etc. DE is making an effort to make the game more sociable, but the lack of proper in-depth tutorials and such make it a burden when you gotta spend time getting people up to scratch before you can casually play with them on the same playing field, and is a major point of friction many people have reported on and been ignored because apparently it doesn't matter for retention. I'm not surprised at all that those wanting to get their endgame guns quicker get frustrated by having to sidetrack, especially with abysmal chances of a gun you actually want and the various factions/bosses that can interfere.
  23. I want to say this is factually untrue. Not only did they change the requirements of Galv mods from Steel Path to Arbitrations, they also tweaked the arcanes to be more rewarding, you get more Acolyte spawns, etc.
  24. It's less so it being a job than it is being efficient. The core loop in my eyes is getting gear, mastering it, getting the next and moving on. Which means that time spent not doing something related to that, is effectively time wasted. And time wasted adds up when you have 500 odd weapons in the game, near 50 standard warframes, plus the prime variants, companions, etc. Understandably, people will be upset their mission isn't 100% efficient because of some RNG value that seems both influenced and completely random. Though, getting actually angry at a videogame is something to be concerned about.
  25. Having skimmed through the thread, the scale and systems of a rework would essentially be changimg the entire core of warframe, a decision I don't think DE would ever make given its current state. Damage mods being changed to be additive would mean effectively most of the mods based around increasing your damage would be totally outclassed and we'd see a new meta for base damage%. Also, people have probably spent quite a bit of actual money on Rivens and other such mods in the free market for specific stats that some people are suggesting be outright removed...which is an idea verging on ridiculous, why would DE willingly shoot themselves in the foot with such a change? How would they compensate those who invested time and money into these systems? Also, the comment on Galv mods being tacked on as a last minute thought....what? There was whole workshop meant to bring melee and gunplay back into line (even though there's still a massive difference with Blood Rush/Gladiator/Sac Steel being a thing), with many changes and suggestions taken into account that probably wasn't read. While I agree that the multiple different forms of damage can be confusing at times, I feel like it's purely outliers that aren't explained properly, with mandatory mods being a huge issue, would base damage mods then not become the new mandatory mods? Overall, beyond my initial reaction, I really don't think such a drastic change is a good idea, and wouldn't change much in the grand scheme of things, at its heart, warframe is a power fantasy space ninja game, bringing realistic damage models into it I feel would piss a lot of people off, turn people away from the game, and have a very real chance of killing what is otherwise a huge hit. Therefore I feel there's not much justification.
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