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Aropanex Syandana Animation Fix - TennoGen Round 20

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Greetings, Tenno!

This message is aimed at folks who picked up kakarrot2812’s incredible Aropanex Syandana recently. Our next mainline update will include a small revision to the Syandana’s animation that will bring it closer to the artist’s original vision as displayed in kakarrot2812’s Steam Workshop listing.

The new animation (gif comparison here) was always the intention, but since day one purchasers may have been using this piece for over a week already and got used to the way it moves, we wanted to provide a heads up in case anyone is staring at their Syandana next week thinking something looks different.

Thanks, and look forward to the update!

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That's a pretty great change!

But that makes me wonder, is there any chance that upon purchasing the Aropanex Syandana, you get the current version and the upcoming version at once?

That way early adopters wouldn't feel slighted that their purchase turned into something they may not like anymore.


And now for the real reason I make this post, if that change would be a real possibility, I'd like to see the Lodestar Syandana get an additional version too, the entire set is themed about spinning discs and this is sadly the only piece of it (also the piece you see the most if you wear it) that has no animation.

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