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Enemy Squads and AoE Resistance = Enemies for all frames and gameplays.


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It would be great if enemies had effective resistance to AoE damage, a system of links between enemies to smarter units, like a system of connected enemy squads totally resistant to AoE damage, similar to arbitration drones but the last enemy of this link can be hited by skills and damage AoE. This is not an warframe nerf, this is a strategic addition making mandatory another weapons or warframes.

This also creates spaces for players with specific warframes to be useful and functional:

  • you can have a Khora and a Nidus in the same squad as there will be an time space for Nidus use Larva before Khora kill all enemies linkeds.
  • you can have a Saryn and Nyx in the same squad playing different game styles as there will be groups of enemies alive on the map to Nyx control or kill.
  • Saryn can compet/help Nyx killing enemy squads with normal weapons, and Nyx can compet/help Saryn using a weapon with AoE damage like Bhrama or Tonkor.
  • Oberon ground skill can make radiaction status on enemies but not do radiation damage on this enemies squads.
  • Frost skill 4 can freeze enemies in area but will not do cold damage on this enemies squads.
  • Ember heat status can reduce armor by 50% but the heat won't deal damage per second on this enemies squads.
  • These enemy squads can be destroyed by AoE skills and AoE weapons but each enemy on this squad will act as a shield gate costing spam for more AoE damage or degenerative death.
  • Hypothetically there will be enemy squads resistant on the map but totally common because common weapons ignore this link system.

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Currently "kill" is the best defence and self care on this game. the main metas to build is:

Meta 1 = AoE to kill crownds
Meta 2 = Fastest move with hits to kill groups
Meta 3 = Damage mutiplier to kill extremily strongest targets

A new enemie resistence can change globally all gameplay, this can be visible and clean not like nullifiers bubles or shining blures on gameplay; if global enemies don't receive any resistances to this meta spam, a lot of old frames never cant be playables normaly.

A lot of frames have thematics outdated to this game and cant shine on random squads;

Random squads is the real game, random squads is the first game experience tath the novice can feel, random squads is the place tath the novice player can know if this is an funny or bored game. If you(novice) don't understand whats is the META not problem, I know thats you feel, so just kill everthing as fast as possible, even if killing will mess up your teammate's experience.

everyone wants to play freely and the co-op should happen with difficulty progression.

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