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Warframe abilities not being able to interrupt enemy’s movement/animation


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There is an issue with certain warframes where certain abilities are not strong enough to interrupt enemy’s movement or an animation.


Example 1:

If Ash casts his Smoke Screen near an enemy, then teleports to it straight after it will not open it up for a finisher.

# Ash - inconsistent teleport 2 by Aaronj-c

# Ash - 3rd cant overide stagger by Aaronj-c


But if I teleport to an enemy then cast Smoke Screen, the stun from smoke screen will override Teleport`s stun animation on the enemy and interrupt it, what does this mean? This means Smoke Screen`s stun has a stronger interruption than teleport.

The same thing goes for when an enemy is climbing over a ledge, if Ash teleports to it the enemy will act like nothing has happened and ignore it,

It’s like me fly-kicking a Rhino, the Rhino won’t budge because the impact of my kick isn`t strong enough to stagger it relating it back to Ash, the enemy strait up ignores it but the animation is Ash doing a flip-kick which the enemy should react to the impact does not which makes no sense and is not practical.

Also, Ash teleport has a bug where it can`t consistently open humanoid enemies to finishers (one reason why Ash needs a revisit).

Here is proof.


Example 2:

If an enemy is under a fire or an electric proc and Ash teleports to that enemy it will not open them up for a finisher.

 # Ash - inconsistent teleport 1 by Aaronj-c      


Example 3:

This issue is not exclusive to Ash, other warframes that have to stun enemies to open them up to finishers also experience the same issue.


Wukong`s Cloud Walker

 # Ash - inconsistent wukong by Aaronj-c


Valkyr`s Paralysis

 # Ash - inconsistent valkyr by Aaronj-c


Lavos` Ophidian Bite

 # Ash - inconsistent lavos by Aaronj-c


However other warframe don`t have this issue for example.


Excalibur`s Radial Blind

No matter what animation the enemy is in or whatever they are doing, Radial Blind will interrupt them.

# Ash - consistent excal by Aaronj-c


Unfortunately, people either don`t know about this or don`t care because all people care about is damage, damage, damage, damage, survivability, strip armour, steel path, damage damage, but I care because I don`t care about the damage meta and I play for fun (in my opinion, the damage meta needs to change but I’ll already done a post about that so I’ll leave that alone).

So please DE address this, fixing this will make a big difference.

If you guys want DE to address this issue, please show support by leaving a like and share this post.

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