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Velocitus punch through doesn't work on land missions


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Velocitus has a nice mechanic different from other archguns but this mechanic doesn't work in land missions and apparently the punch through stats disappear.

in archwing missions like Salasia Velocitus' shot hits a target and ricochets several times following multiple targets and multiple walls, it's devastating if the player knows how to control, it's like an explosion of shards but it's not AoE as some targets are ignored and the firerate is very low, just this mechanic makes this weapon strong for this gameplay mode.

with the arrival of railjack missions the end of archwing missions is approaching and a permanent change to velocitus can happen,
would love Velocitus to keep this mechanic and work on land missions.

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Honestly I've wondered about this as well. I kind of get that arch guns work differently in space vs on ground but this difference is pretty significant. The space version, like you said, is really good and the ground version is only good against profit taker and eidolons where huge damage numbers work well.

You can't use this against sisters/liches and other enemies with the arbitrary DPS damage reduction garbage that DE is using more and more, recently. (DE if you'r reading this, don't cop-out and reduce damage based on DPS, it is annoying and invalidates specific weapons in a manner that isn't initially obvious to players). 

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