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Orokin MotorBike

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I've done this MotorBike concept when i was doing an chracter Design course and i had to make an AutoMobile from whatever existing fantasy world. I Choose Warframe, and after a guy in TennoCon asked the DEVs if we could have an MotorBike for the tenno i think there's no better oportunity to show this than now.

I really hope that this concept inspire ya'll on the creation of such amazing idea. I know it's very basic but i think it transmits the idea.








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It's neat but I don't ser much use for it. Pretty much fundamental outclassed by AW in the same way k drive were.

Unless it worked more like a melee weapon like dante cavaliere ( devil may cry ). I don't see it ever being useful




Or attached to some kind off ghost rider warframe for maximum effect.

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