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Hello, am trying to find scan to completed. These enemies I couldn’t find it in node. I checked on google for wiki and nothing. why is there in simulacrum? I don’t understand. Any clue please comment. Thanks 

I think DE should bring back all the enemies. But I don’t know it their opinion.


Juno Disc Moa Eximus 

Juno Geminex Moa Eximus

Juno Glaxion Moa Eximus

Juno Nul Comba

Juno Sap Comba

Juno Shield Osprey Eximus

Juno Slo Comba

Juno Sniper Crewman Eximus


Deimos Swarm Mutalist Moa

Deimos Swarm Mutalist Moa Eximus

Deimos Jugulus Eximus & Rex

Deimos Leaper


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your best bet for the Juno enemeis is to either run a long survival with Helicor/Helios equipped, or wait for an Eximus Stronghold Sortie on the Corpus Ship tileset. for the Comba enemies, I've found there's usually a lot of them on Shlovsky, Phobos (Spy Mission).

the Deimos enemies, I guess just keep running high level bounties and hope for the best. these enemeis do exist, they just don't really show up very often.

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