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Incorrect Waypoint During War Within


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After you shut down the defense systems in War Within, and go into archwing to see the Kuva Fortress for the first time, the extraction waypoint is at the exit of the asteroid where you go into archwing, instead of out in space towards the direction of the Kuva fortress like it used to be. This is confusing for new players, as they turn around and do not even see the Kuva fortress, or go out of bounds behind the asteroid trying to get to the waypoint. 

This is reproducible every time. 

Thanks for your hard work!

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Waypoints are generally broken for years... And visually impaired players (And I actually mean the near 0% visual capability kind of impairment) practically can't see so not even in those cases they're useful. I don't even know why they still generally exist.


I mean, they're quite perfect as an accessibility for impaired hearing players IF they were used to mark Disruption targets... But I don't think a player that fits THIS category can and/or needs to hear the objective room or the extraction point...

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Not broken for years, but since they "improved" it. The step by step markers simply don't work, especially not in multi-layered levels or free roam areas . When they still used to just mark the point of a tile that lead you to extraction or the endpoint of an objective, they were quite reliable.

Even more confusing and possibly a mission fail reason for new players is the recent change, that neither oxygen capsules, reactant or excavator power cells have a marker anymore once you leave the room / tile. Usually, they got one collective floating marker (like the oxygen stations outside the room in the first shot, left of the extraction marker), showing you if you overlooked something... or when playing in a group, someone made enemies drop something in another room. Now that is guesswork.

For example, here's a room with reactant and oxygen drops on the floor.

And here's a look into the same room, but round the corner and over the tile-border. 16m away.

As much as I dislike visual clutter (grenade markers.. seriously?!) the mentioned markers are needed.

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