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  1. Amazing idea swapping the perspectives between the factions. I like how differently they handle situations and when the little MOA hacked a console and the modem / dial up sound came up, I burst out laughing! :D oh dear the memories... "get off the internet, I need to use the phone" Still, my usual plea: With all those effects and lights, remove autoexposure. Make it a toggle again. I wanna see all the glory, but I don't want to be frequently flashbanged by a random light source / having my brightness autoadjusted and fluctuating while enjoying the scenery.
  2. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but if you approach your pet outside of the incubator (even when it is lying on its bed) and press the interaction button, you pet your pet. <3 Please note, that there will be no popup, just do it :)
  3. So a player reported a zero dmg scenario under very specific circumstances in a very specific environment that has nothing to do with the rest of the game, so instead of looking into that one specific thing the whole game mechanic of dmg reduction gets reworked? *slow clap* Congrats also on the melee nerfs instead of weapon buffs. Also gj on additional grind for arcanes that buff upon kill. And still autoexposure instead of adaptive exposure toggle is a thing. Either none of you are suffering from light sensitivity issues or the folks in charge don't play. In addition, shadows on the surface of my frame seem to "pop up" and "disappear" (stood in orbiter, back to arsenal and I noticed it on Umbra's arm and back) on enhanced graphics engine. If I switch to classic, shadows behave normally and fade/breathe. Please take your time until "letting the classic fade out". Your metal channel on ie Commodore Suit belt and Hazmat pants is still looking like TV static (all grainy) and for some reason Sevagoth's body and legs still have a wet plastic look like an old granny's foil-sealed couch. I bet there's more, but I bet there's already a list about frames/shaders/channels/textures... Also, the "corrected" camera position is still too close to the frame and doesn't work well with Elytron. FOV is at max. To all of the above: "This is the way forward" I guess. The VERY positive thing: The new Dojo room Vent kids don't talk :) AND love the murmur decrease and universal parazon mod. That's an honest thank you from me!
  4. Since I just found out today, I thought I'd share in case anybody else needs to know: Approach Kavat/Kubrow/Mutants outside of incubator, press interaction button, pet the pet, be happy :) There's no interaction popup for this, so I failed to notice until basically a few minutes ago...
  5. me too. by default. otherwise we'd go blind^^
  6. But... but... Autoexposure is the future! 🤡
  7. Love seeing fixes. Keep going, there's a lot more to do. Special thanks for DX11 consideration. :) Edit: Why tf do Nidus and Gloompuppy look wet/shiny partly? Check their legs o_O
  8. The thing with DE is... Imagine it as a car service. You bring your car there. It has a broken headlight, a dent in the door (which you don't really mind being there), some scratches (which also are no problem) and the brakes are faulty. Which is the critical issue and main reason you wanted repairs. You tell them the brakes and light need urgent fixing and leave. When you come get your car back, the head light is perfectly replaced, but shines with the intensity of a floodlight, the door with the dent in it has been replaced in a "much more pretty door with better color", the scratches are untouched and the brakes have been taken care of and almost work as good as new, if you learn to handle the pedal in a certain way. On top of that, you got a brand new rear spoiler for aerodynamics and your radio has been replaced with Alexa. Which sure is innovative and a nice "vision" for your car, but nothing you'd ever even wanted. And all of this was done, after collecting feedback from 5 car enthusiasts who eactly know how your car should run and look like, while disregarding the silent happy agreement of 100 people who just love driving that specific car without ever speaking up openly. This is my take on it by now through experience and observation. Not saying every change is bad (they do amazing stuff sometimes) but boy was there quite some big impacts where I would have gladly had the option to say "I wanna keep my old car and just take the repairs" if you know wheat I mean.
  9. Thank you for explaining to me klutz! Oh dear. Now I feel dumb.. I'm sorry all *bows* @Voltage
  10. @technozorro Wish I could give you more than one like. The textures and shader (or renderer whatever) of this game went really downhill... to the point where even color channels are messed up. Looked at some older screenshots I have and it was just brilliant. Looked like a rendered promo-cutscene but ingame.
  11. Okay o_O? that's odd. I tried multiple times. Lemme check... Edit: Mind telling us how you typed it in? I claimed several other glyphs just now successfully, but not the 8year one. That one (as well as another expired one I typed in to test it) gave back an error and was invalid.
  12. Somewhat relieved to see, that even with this truly amazing (no sarkasm! this setup rocks!) 4k screens the lights are glaringly bright. Way to go, DE. I almost thought it was because of my non sufficient monitor or other stuff, but it seems it is autoexposure after all. Put the toggle back in please. It is needed.
  13. Clearly bug. Once you apply the color, the "new lighting engine" takes over... doesn't look godd :/ Or you need HDR. Half joking, but only half...unfortunately. Gara Prime skin ain't Tennogen so I wonder what the folks are talking about, helmet aside. Hope they fix this.
  14. Adding HDR is a good OPTION, but it is a huge middlefinger in the face of a bunch of players if it is mandatory (display included) just to not have your eyes burned out.
  15. Aaah, so it is about the monitor. Not just the ingame switch... that explains a lot. Thank you :) Yeah, buying monitor is out of the question, really. And I find it a pretty... lets say..."interesting" course to take. That's a big middlefinger in the players face, if it were like that. Why the toggle can't be added back, noone can tell. We suspect we lack "vision" tbh.
  16. Dumb question maybe, but how does HDR bring back the toggle for Autoexposure ? Or more control over the lightsources? So far I haven't found any way around it. HDR or not. I am running a double build, but was unable to find a solution even with all the fancy new technologies. Apologies in advance if I didn't understand you properly. Got one of my migraine days and my IQ is sub-basement.
  17. uhm, so basically some people now think, just because someone with a prime sub get a free candy (like they have before), it defeats the play for free theme? Soo, someone else gets candy, everyone still can play for free... people whine they don't get candy while still playing for free? It's good that you like the skin / cosmetics so much, but there is noone forcing you. If you want this candy, you pay. Simple. You don't even pay for the candy directly, but for Amazon's Services. Forced subscription.... geez... Okay. I'm out. @Slayer-. In Germany we pay 8 bucks which should be 9,80$. So yeah, there seem to be big differences o_O
  18. And Imagine they'd be able to "live" in the Lich Quarters of the dojo. I'd so much love that... up to 4 of my old enemies, just lounging on their bunk beds until my sorry a*se needs saving or we go fly RJ :D Lich A :"Who goes save that brat?" - Lich B: "Can we draw sticks?" - Lich C: "I already went last time..."
  19. - fix your crappy lighting system, remove autoexposure. Right when this launched back in June 2020, there were at least 90 people, that individually made their way to the forums, because there was something profoundly wrong with their games. The thread has 11 pages! And Tenno are having health issues. -whatever you else messed up with the color channels, it affects a lot of stuff. For shortness sake, just look at the Latron Wraith in their default coloration and compare that to the icon / default pic of said weapon. Your palettes are oversaturated, too. Which happened in tandem with the game in general being dimmed down, but the light sources remained unchanged in their overglaring intensity. Even standing IN arsenal while using it and in the same spot when NOT using it makes a huge difference. Last pic shows me just standing somewhere and apparently I've become a lightsource myself. I fail to grasp why this even needs being said for almost a YEAR now: Let players control their own brightness settings in the game! Even tiny lamps feel like RL floodlights! The intensity is simply too much and the autoexposure overrides whatever we try to tweak. Whole areas have become no-go-zones because of forced lighting settings! For more examples, feel free to check the thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/ - And remove the recently added dirt in our orbiters. Even Grineer have crystal clear glass in their tilesets, Corpus ships look peerless, so I fail to understand why our glass parts, windows, floor, metal parts and walls need stains, grimy spots, dust & dirt and damaged paint overlays. I feel uncomfortable with this and on top of that.. it's ugly. Stop adding more and more unwanted and forced effects / visual overlays. In general. Give your players options. - fix Commodore Prime Suit. That one costs money. The metal looks horrible and has a "satic" going that makes it pixelated.
  20. Okay, so I was having this weird thing again where the primary and secondary colors of the orbiter bleed into one another. In my case, the red stripes and the white, which make a usually white area ochre/sand in some areas. The affected areas cannot be seperately colored by the player himself, so I can't remedy it. This issue has been reported by some people already, but this time I thought I was seeing things... I don't know why these color channels mix and blend. The first two screenshots show the mixup (it has been worse, depending on the colors, but it still looks bad): Then I was running a mission and when I came back 20 minutes later... Someone explain this to me please? What the heck are they doing currently with our colors / channels or whatever it is that messes things up? Just now when I logged back in, I had the mixup again. I thought maybe I just need to re-load the orbiter, so I went down to a relay and beamed back up. That however didn't "fix" it. If I wouldn't have taken screenshots and one of my friends in group that assured me my eyes hadn't gone bonkers, I would have questioned my state of mind. Edit: Remove dirt, smudge n dinges from orbiter again. I makes me feel uncomfortable. I can stand chaos, but not dirt.
  21. Uhm, you do know that I said that multiple times myself, yes?^^ I didn't put it there as a workaround either and never labeled it as that. Please at least make sure you keep yourself up to date with the thread to be able to tell the difference between someone who fights on the same side and someone who doesn't. I only put my settings that let me play at least for some hours in some areas of the game, because someone "surprisingly" was having trouble with the new lighting. Like we all. Seems HDR doesn't fix the new lighting system after all 🙃 pic in question:
  22. Here's a little something I wanna add, to show even better what I mean. I'm pretty sure before someone fiddled with the color channels / palettes or whatever the pro term is, my Vandal sure didn't look like a spray painted stick
  23. @Daedalus007 I remember the time I started pretty well. I was always low on credits and guess what, I had to work for them. 600k is a lot when you start and by the time you need expansions in all kinds of slots, you will be quite some hours into the game. Which is, for a f2p, very generous with the free stuff you can get. So either you spend time and work for the stuff you want or you spend money (to buy plat, which can come at a discount or you get the small option every now and then instead of having to pay monthly sub to even play). And if one can't spend money, there is a market where plat can be traded. Nightwave also grants you free slots and credits for potats. The options are all there, but it's up to you which you use. To get MR, clearing nodes was a good choice for example. You don't have to pay in this game to win, but getting plat every now and then lets you get some luxuries which improve your qol. If new players all take after you, there's no way DE can satisfy them. Edit: And no, I'm not a DE fanboy. They messed up enough in other areas.
  24. Is the self-stagger in archwing missions caused by the Mausolon working as intended or a bug? In all honesty, it really took me a while to figure out, why I would occassionally stop shooting, whenever one of my Itzal's drones would fly by -.- I know... I know... realism n such... but can we please get no self stagger if friendly targets jump in front of our barrels? And not get self-staggered by our own abilities? At least in space? This is getting annoying.
  25. Anniversary over, Glyph claiming won't work anymore
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