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  1. Thank you kindly for the warning :) that saves me some headache
  2. Sorry, it kinda helps but doesn't remove the strain that is forced upon peoples eyes. And WF looks... let's say "not nearly as nice" without bloom and volumetric lighting. My particles are also down as well as the effects intensity. I know you're being kind and trying to help, but we don't need a workaround, we really need that toggle back. For me, changing the mentioned settings and setting my monitor to night mode let me at least play the normal game if I have my painkillers ready. I needed to take plenty (my choice to play at all, my consequences, nobody's fault). I still need to exc
  3. fix autoexposure when? the toggle has been gone since JUNE
  4. Ticker be saying the words we all need to hear <3 Edit: And as someone who can't go to Vallis atm I am mighty thankful I could buy stuff regardless.
  5. I don't like how the new engine adds reflections where none even should be. The floor in Cetus is old, worn and dusty, why would it be glossy? If I play, I do it without bloom or dynamic lighting (and on classic. I simply like it better) because someone removed the adaptive exposure toggle, made it autoexposure and the lighting is unbearable for a bunch of people... I'd love to go back to my old "all enabled" settings, but I simply can't because of glaring lights even though glare is disabled. I'm worried what those settings that I disbled for my personal health will still be a
  6. Yup. It is really bad. I've tried to tell them since that PSA in June , but yah... *shrugs.
  7. It mostly happens during endless misson (to my own experience). The float marker first is there, but decides to disappear in between... I'd really kindly (again) request having "fixed" float markes instead of the moving ones if they can't get it right otherwise. Same issue back then with the plains .. those moving float markers are too slow on the uptake and now they even vanish. I recently discovered, that now even for Ayatan Stars we have moving/step-by-step float markers! Those don't work properly either. They take multiple seconds to recognize that we have arrived at the marked "ste
  8. Yep, MOA still with its neck in its body. Wonder what they edited to make that happen...
  9. Yep, can confirm. It only happens on the Nychus (melee) MOA. Its head is now in its body.
  10. okay.. not only Deimos.. gotta skip out on Ob Vallis, too. Outsch. I never thought about those open world areas as "content island" or "waste" . I dearly love them. The plains are my favourite <3 I just hope there will be a time, when I can control the lighting settings again.
  11. Ah, okay. Thank you for explaining in detail. I saw texture changes on my Loki and Ember, so I thought it was for the same reason as the textures you describe. Sorry if I got that wrong
  12. There are still issues with not appearing / inconsistent float markers for extraction. Please look into that. I'm used to them being covered by multiple other markes like air supply etc, so the only thing I usually had to do is head into the direction where the float markes piled up. This is currently not the case however. The marker simply isn't there. Sometimes it first shows up but goes away again after a few minutes and only reappears when the extraction area is in sight.
  13. @Cobaltsaber Check it out again with the operator. At least in my orbiter it is fixed now. no whiteout anymore :) They really did a great job on the face meshes and eyes, too! Eye glow no longer is diamond shaped and looks stunning <3
  14. Has been there since the Brightness Changes PSA and the removal of adaptive eyposure toggle. I don't know enough of games and coding, so all I can do is wildly suspect, that the removal of that outdated renderer/shader? caused this somehow.
  15. The improved fashion and looks? (No, seriously... I want the old back too... or rather didn't want many things "improved" in the first place and would always prefer a toggle. It would have been completely fine for the eom-screen for example, to just keep the whole structure, but add the theme colors to it) The mesh-work on the other hand is something I do appreciate, even though it seems to have smudged the textures a bit. Edit: I just hope long broken stuff gets worked on too. Always glad to see fixes instead of just new stuff
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