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  1. Been trying to point that out for quite soem time now. Moving waypoints just don't work. They should mark the goal and that's it. That worked like a charm. ----------------- And... Get rid of Autoexposure, DE.
  2. @master_of_destiny So right! I usually only want to play a game and not go through the trouble of involving myself into too much outside of having fun and actually playing it. Because by going to the forums I risk seeing more stuff that is faulty or favourite parts that are going to be "fixed", than I actually would notice on my own. I can't stay in my blissfull bubble of ignorance (just a figure of speech, not directed at anyone) and need to get involved. And I really prefer not to. Still... In RL I always speak up and point out things that are good or bad, provided I care enough about that person/topic. I don't expect anything by doing that, I've just been in more than one situation where I afterwards had to ask myself "Would it have been different if I only spoke up? If I at least TRIED?" and I hated that feeling. So I at least try. Whatever persons do or don't do with what I say is none of my concern, but I at least rid myself of the "what if..?". I agree and think the amount of people who even care enough or have the spare time and energy to come to the forums in an effort to encourage the devs in certain areas or call out nonsense changes and displeasure is rather low in comparison to the total amount of players (I don't use social media though, so I wouldn't know about those platforms). Again, matter of fact, not pointing fingers. I still gotta wait until I can play again, see how Glassmaker continues (I LOVE WF story and riddles) and test Steel Path. Maybe I'm lucky *shrugs https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/ There were a few things that made me wanna stop playing (removal of manual block and melee mode) and some still annoyed me on a daily basis (AW changes flight & zipline, autoswapping to primary weapon in various situations, removal of self-damage and the combined rework of "getting up after knockdown" etc just to mention a few "fixes", the list is longer), but the autoexposure is the first thing that actually forced me to quit.
  3. How hard can it be to patch that exposure toggle back in? Not making it more bearable, but giving back an option to turn it off. Game sure is and always was pretty, but these design over functionality and mechanic "fixes" nobody asked for over the last past months and the "No, this is fine because I developed it and decided it is great no matter what"-mentality sucks big time. So yeah, great metaphor @DoomFruit
  4. also linked to main thread. Happy to see I'm not alone in this. thanks @tape_drive_TS1140 and OP https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/
  5. linked to main thread now thanks to @tape_drive_TS1140 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/
  6. Like the way it was before. Yup. They just completely removed the toggle from our menus for that.
  7. I like the slow pace of Nightwave btw. If one can't play for a while for any reason, we still have some time to catch up. And I like the detective stuff^^ I don't mind the less dico laser light show looking enemies (or their bubbles) either, but after seeing some screenshots here how the rest of the game is affected... damn. Feels liike the period where the shaders were broken right after the particle system revamp (idk for sure though. Around Oktober last year I guess?). Game looked plastic back then too.
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203007-the-deadlock-protocol-hotfix-2806-28061/?do=findComment&comment=11654652 For me, this is not about balancing if a thing is too bright or too dark, but about Adaptive Exposure and the ability to toggle it off. It is great to hear, that there's an approach of analysing, how that other problem might be fixed by experimenting with the sliders and people providing logs to BEAR. In my case however, the issue is about the game disregarding brightness/contrast/whatever setting and repeatedly "adjusting" these things on its own, depending on how the player moves and turns. Please give us back the possibility to keep our settings and lighting levels constant and not having the game automatically switch between illuminating/dimming everything. I'm just a layman, but this "simulating an eye adjusting to light and darkness" thing kinda does sound like it could totally take priority over our own settings regarding maybe brightness, effects intensity and contrast to make that simulation and fluctuation happen. Players all use settings which work best for them for all the different reasons. I really don't see how reducing options to customize the game experience is beneficial or is seen as a good idea, while DE is clearly thinking about making Warframe even more accessibly as it ever was with the colorblind update (because this IS huge!). Sorry for the rant, it just seems so contradicting...
  9. With regards to Adaptive Exposure (didn't wanna repeat myself):
  10. Tried it. I don't see any difference tbh. Thank you however for pointing it out 🙂 Edit: Just in case anyone wonders, my rig is just fine
  11. This! It's driving me nuts! I've been switching around my settings for half an hour, thinking something reset on its own, before thinking (couldn't quite put my finger on it) I'm missing a setting and coming here to check if something was "fixed" again. And sure it was "Adaptive Exposure"! Standing in my orbiter's cockpit, the lighting isn't constant. I f I look (not even move) left -> bright and the white on my frame is shining, looking right -> screen darkens down, white on my frame looks greyish. Ever thought that people have that setting off for a reason?! I want back and need a constant level of lighting, not something that switches depending on where I look. Already told my clan I will need to take a break. I know my problems aren't anyone elses fault, but hey, peeps with frequent migraines tend to react to fluctuating lights a bit more sensitive than anyone really ever should. So yeah, break it is for now. I literally can't play like this.
  12. Just ran the Interception on Eris, Node Xini, new corpus tileset. (no clue if this is a general thing and intended or just happening there) The tower alarms seem to have gone up in volume. Like ... a lot. Sound settings unchanged on my end, I could hear the other tower's alarms as clear as day from 70m (!) away, like it was my own tower going off. Since I need the gamesound to be at a certain level for the rest of the game, enemy attacks, Demolysts etc, I'd like to suggest maybe a slider for these specific alarms or can someone just look into it? Maybe it is just on the revamped maps? Ran Xini countless times before and while the beeping never was my favorite sound, it wasn't as intense as it is now. P.S. Read some comments above ... If someone likes Destiny more, they should just play that for all I care. WF is fine with PvE. Played Destiny before and found it hollow n boring. Story nonexistent. *shrugs* Each to their own and it is good that games have differences. Bringing in more "competition" would be a reason to instaquit. Edit: On a sidenote: The Anspatha Brace (Amp) is too long and sticks into the operator's arm. Really not important at all, I just got it for the first time and noticed. That's all.
  13. New level design, musik and lighting: Good job! Really feels nice 🙂 Small idea for the primary kitguns: Make their main "bodies" (grip) bigger. Atm, they don't really look like primaries at all. They really need some size scaling.
  14. EoM Screen - I'm no poser and like informative stuff. As long as we get a toggle, I'm fine. I can understand folks and their wishes for more fashion. Mastery Badges - No thanks and why even...? I like the current ones with their different colors/textures and I bet I'm not the only one. It might sound petty, but those symbols mean something to me and they are part of my Tenno identity. The slowly evolving lotus bloom is a great symbolism. What I've seen so far of the new badges looks just run of the mine, uniform and could stem from any MMO enemy portrait. ie like in WoW when the "ring" around the portrait just keeps getting fancier. Boring! Since this afaik is still WIP and not final though, I'm hoping for the best and keep my fingers crossed. I also second the "let us freely rotate stuff and zoom" in the market. Edit: UI (Quills trade cores for standing for example) : WTH? Wouldn't it have been ok to just give the perfectly working and functional existing UI a nice little makeover like with our main menu and inventory? Applying the theme we picked n such? Stop putting some fancy unfished stuff which looks nice before something that actually works and isn't broken. This can be applied on so many areas in the game... Over the last couple of months. Why would someone pick apart their own product like that? It simply is beyond me. I'm fine with stuff changing, revamping, whatever. Times change. All I'm trying to say is, just because something is "old" doesn't mean it is "bad" and needs more than a visual makeover. Some things are good the way they are and don't need a complete overhaul. Please consider that in your future changes.
  15. I always had Handspring in, but that too stopped working at some point. Frame just stays flat down until I mash WASD or space. Noticed the rolling, too. I understand that we get flung away and roll after taking a blast, but instead of (like I was used to) springing back to my feet where the frame went down, now we roll. Must've broken with the self-damage removal I bet.
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