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  1. I was a big dumdum and went to the Hellmith room with Nidus...and his fully grown cyst (as it should be :D) . The text prompt on the chair no longer showed "remove cyst" but just "Hellminth". Remembering reading about some changes that were made I thought "Oh boy, maybe I can link with him now or talk to him?" and clicked... aaaaand cyst is gone. On my Nidus T-T Does it grow back on him? Why was there no "This will remove cyst" prompt? me sad.... I'd never reject the beauty! I wanna spread the love (and show it^^)
  2. (I just managed to play the "Heart of Deimos" intro mission. Sorry if this is not the right place) The lighting / autoexposure needs a fix to make it visually enjoyable, since some areas are...bright. and bloom like crazy with bloom setting on only 40 (tested it on off too. Didn't change much ingame though). Instead of watching those 2 giant worm's epic shootout, I had to squint or look away. I really wish I could play this area on my old settings and enjoy the full beauty of it all. Pre end of June, WF looked glorious! Now kinda -in addition- things looked slightly...flat and plastic in so
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