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  1. Is this intended? Otherwise I'd like a fix for this. Nothing major, just ugly.
  2. ot: It is the same logic that defines what is hatespeech on the net :3
  3. I just noticed while re-coloring my orbiter, that the primary and tertiary color overlap or mix. Much like our emissives. I was going nuts trying to find out where the brown came from, when I had only red and green. Can you please de-mix that?
  4. - 'blink'ing out of missile lock needed (described many times in detail why and provided possible solution). Or just make it a passive for Itzal. - new AW flight: full stop great. In space: still great. Everywhere else: No. Simply no. Flying where you aim: majorly sucks. I wanna stay leveled/at the hight I placed myself and aim/look wherever I want without the need to constantly adjust my position. Flying over something while keeping your eyes on the ground is nigh impossible without constantly pressing space
  5. Suggestion for next update: May we get a small QoL thing? Flashlight toggle / keybind Edit: And destroying those latch grenades with a ground slam again would be nice. Currently I found no way anymore to get them off my hide. Edit2: And... toggle for moving waypoints. It is increasingly annoying in the PoE if a position gets marked, you dash over there, slam down from your archwing only to find out the marker decided to adjust its position....your princess is in another castle -.-' Edit3: Can't wait for old archwing flight back. I'll keep the instant stop though. New flight is good for space, but not for free flight
  6. I do hope so 😕 And: I do really think they knew what they were doing, but they had to put it out there prematurely and as a beta, because of the game awards I guess. Not whining, just an assumption, since it felt so rushed. That's all.
  7. Yup. Found in many parts of the game during the last couple of months. Quite a few were remedied (thank the heavens), but others weren't. - still don't like that the game can't remember my weapon selection after certain actions or reviving and switches automatically to the primary. It is infuriating. - the key binds for "switch gun" and "switch weapon" do the same thing now, which is really annoying, too - Itzal... (already made a compromise solution for that) - after a certain patch where the new particles and effects came in, everything got brighter, more intense and now got an overly visible aura. Flickering, pulsating, glowing, shimmering. Best example is the various Infested (especially when they show up in a horde) or when I pick up a focus bubble...I wish there was a "classic" switch for the in yer face visuals, even though most are really pretty. Might be a minor issue for many that don't have a migraine every now and then, I see that. I still prefer the more immersive/non-intrusive graphics we had back then. It was easier and less taxing on my eyes. Also some doors still stick out like a sore thumb^^ - why does the heavy attack have a keybind when it is STILL triggered by holding the melee button? I'd like a toggle for that. - while I do like the instant stop on the Archwings, I'm not a fan of the perma-sprint. Especially not on Titania. Minor thing and might be a personal impression: - standing in the arsenal is a good example of a partly extreme brightness still in game. Took out Trin Prime for a walk and the white on her helmet was so glaring, that the runes running through her faceplate aren't even visible anymore. They were however a couple of moths ago, when I first painted her orokin style. I just feel like there's still something off in means of lighting and color balance. (ie in the standard color palette the middle was usually really a middle thing. Now the middle on the black row is rather a normal, slightly greyed white, while one notch to the left makes it double as dark instead of one gradient darker. It is so hard to describe... Apologies.) Positives: I still like Liches -Parazon lottery and zero immersive "new tool introduction" aside- (I was able to convert a friendly-natured one who had the fitting name Budd) and I really love the idea of RJ and that everyone can participate. Having my own ship is definitely cool, too! Oh and Parazon charges are a GREAT thing. btt and sorry >.< P.S. Endo increase is a blessing!
  8. There still seems to be an issue with friends shown as offline. They could send me an invitation, but I couldn't. The issue can be solved temporarily by the one shown as offline restarting the game (when I did it, it had no effect). But still...please have another look at this? Edit: Oh and remind me again why we have a keybind for heavy attack if it is still possible to do it with holding down the attack button? Is there some way to turn that off and I'm too blind to find it?
  9. Would be nice if they just revert their Itzal "fix/improvement" nobody asked for in the first place and instead everybody get's a hook to play around with. Idea edit: Or keep it as it is with all other AWs. Meaning classic unchanged 4 abilities with a nerfed blink as an addition. On Itzal, return its classic 4 abilities and give it a nerfed version of the hook as an addition. Problem solved!
  10. Gotta admit though that releasing a co-op adon without checking if the matchmaking actually works and people can even form a group... boy, that's a whole new level of something I consider haphazardly. Mind blown. Seriously. The poor souls working their asses off now to fix that overnight...
  11. Logged in to have a first look: Glossy frames finally gone. Thanks for reverting that! Also: The Christmas Skins are cute. Thank you for the slightly goofy festive spirit. Kubrow armor seems to have gotten some love , too.
  12. It was already bad enough to not have a minimum flight height, like a few inches above ground so you won't get stuck in the floor. Or at least 1 inch minimum gap to vertical structures, to not get stuck in walls as easily. Yeah sure, it was not really being stuck, I could always fly out, but it has been odd flying halfway through structures. And after hearing the description from you, I don't even want to try her now... I decided on an offline period again around two weeks back and so far only regret, that I had to be so grown up and admit it'd be the best for now. I was excited for the dock, but all the "fixes" that came with it (and many unnecessary things before) evened that out. If I get 1 good thing I can be happy about and have to accept multiple "fixes" as a price, I get demotivated quite quickly.
  13. It might be for the same reason I continue to play certain games despite them changing for the worse: I currently have nothing else / less toxic / more fun / a compareable alternative with that kind of design or theme or setting. So you "bear" with all the unwanted changes and downgrades until the negative aspects outweigh the positive moments.
  14. Revert Itzal and give hooks for everyone instead for all I care. That archwing change was not a step forward. The opposite of well meant is well done.
  15. From the information given, how could I have known, that you already have a clan? You aren't forced, you WANT an own spaceship and not share it with your clan. Yeah, terrible design giving you the choice of making an own clan and getting your own private ship or stay in your clan and build the dock and ship together. /not/
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