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  1. Already wrote enough about what I think about the "new" melee. I still want a toggle (so everybody can play however they prefer) and there isn't a day where I'm not biting into my desk because of that annoying combat $§#@% !! I hate it.
  2. Thank you so much DE. This is fun and the stage is beautiful! Mixed a Bahama Mama for me to enjoy while I play^^
  3. I'd be happy with an added "minimum flight height" of 30-50cm off ground. The amount I've been seeing through the map is too damn high 😄 A few swings with the sword aaand here we go again. She is fun to play though.
  4. Well, I'd even welcome a "it will run at least until..." Like I said, just a little something so people can plan ahead. Nothing against noting down the 10 weeks someplace else outside of the game though... P.S. Since they'll rotate the missed weekly challenges back in in case you missed them, that is already my saving grace
  5. An ingame timer of how long a Nightwave will run will help a lot! Please make that happen so we can plan accordingly. I bet that will alleviate parts of the "stress" some of us feel. In my case i'm insecure if I will get done everything AND leave for summer holidays...
  6. I bet I just missed it, but was there a time frame mentioned of how long the NW Emissary will run? Don't wanna miss out on rewards because of a summer trip^^'
  7. Ok, this solved it for me: Game menu - options - gameplay - UDP port set to a different number than the advised 4950 and 4955. Click confirm, exit the game (complete restart) and enjoy! I was reading so many solutions and guides, did port forwarding, checked my proxy, firewall. And rather than the standard advice to restart router etc just the hint "if you are experiencing host migration issues, try setting the UDP ports Warframe usually uses to something else in the menu" would have helped me a lot more. Why isn't this so painfully obvious solution (I'm really embarassed to the bone I haven't thought about it sooner) the FIRST thing that is mentioned in the FAQs? Man, the time it took me dumbf*ck to notice... -.-'
  8. Yes! Beard, steed n revolvers. And if it still moves: Tigris xD Hope we are allowed to keep beard n wrinkles outside of the area...
  9. @Ocriel Oh, my, then I really confused something 😕 Thank you. Must've been the relics or some shady page I got the info from. It has been a while since I wrote down my "wishlist" and researched certain items, BPs etc Well, now I know that. It is still cool browsing his shop! The Sekhara was also one of the top priorities 😁 @Godzilla853 I started playing a few month ago and don't have a single part... I was really betting on Baro and saved up ducats like crazy. Not really familiar with the market either.^^'
  10. can barely run ONE effing mission with a clan mate without this issue popping up. What was changed between around June 10th and now? Whatever it was, with this connection issues from the game's side it is no fun. Every time I start a mission, I have to ask myself if I stay long enough in my group to actually complete it. Finishing it without my clan mate? Nope. Tried every possible fix I could think of, the issue persists. Dear DE, in the spirit of the TennoCon: I WANT to play together with my friends, but I am not able to recently.
  11. It was said that Baro would offer every item he ever sold... Bought the TennoCon Ticket in hopes I would get my hands on the kubrow collar (the primed one). I can't find it in his stock. Will the stock rotate? Is the Prime Collar even there?
  12. Is there any chance to obtain the Eidolon ephemera in the future after this ends? I was really looking forward to it (you could almost say hyped for it), but shortly after Nightwave started, my harddrive gave me a blue and had to be replaced. Managed to come online today, but there is no way I'll make it from rank 1 to 15 in 7 hours with only one set of challenges... So yeah, I hope there is a way to get it sometime later. Please give me hope for rad cosmetics T-T
  13. If there's a next hotfix I'd like to see Thumpers not de-spawning mid-fight in it, please. We almost had that Doma down ffs and then he just went POOF. This is just as frustrating as running out of time during a mission because one had to fight the Wolf.
  14. Gotta wait for a time then where the Syandana wouldn't cost me 45 bucks then *shrugs* So I'm all for more buying options, but I'd also see why it can't be done. Love the looks though!
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