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  1. Reading is taught in kindergarten and grade school. Feel free to think otherwise. I'm out^^
  2. Uhm, it is no witchcraft to check your graphic settings ingame. You literally just need to read. 😄 I don't think the Devs are required to tell you, that you need to check your game options to customize your game experience. It would be like telling people, that freshly brewed coffee-to-go is ho...oh wait... But just in case anyone wants to know: Effects intensity & Weapon Particle FX.
  3. I hope it will get adressed. I know a few guys with that condition and well, I often have migraine attacks (won the genetic jackpot there lol) and am very light sensitive then. So I somewhat get it. Though I am responsible for my choice to not switch off the effects completely, because I still want the game to look good. That one's totally on me.
  4. Even though the new particles are beautifully made, the new lighting effects are too intense. Suddenly every enemy under a status effect has an overly visible color coating their usual texture, there's lasers and flashes everywhere (I only know that from asia games) and permanent blazingly bright effects on the melees, too. Already tuned them down a lot in the menu, because the lighting and the effects accumulate to a stroboscope rainbow party if one is doing a fissure and multiple enemies crowd the screen. We were in a group of two and both used our abilities like we normally do. It was simply too much. I really preferred the less flashy version. And.. Call me stupid, it looked more mature and immersive. In a different thread I also mentioned, that different stat-mods on one and the same melee weapon now only have 1 energy/effect color, instead of displaying them seperately. All in all, both in melee and new effects, I wholeheartedly agree with @Maxim_M_Payne Btw: Is it only me or are all the infested suddenly bleeding turquioise greenish?
  5. Won't be able to attend the con in person, so I am happy to digitally "participate" ^^ Looking forward to Baro's full assortment!
  6. Pet breeding is some sort of ingame hobby of mine and by now I have quite the collection. Thing is, while I have an incubation process, I can't have any Kavat or Kubrow pet out to go with on mission. I'd love to level and train the whole bunch, but I always have to decide whether to continue breeding OR having a pet around. Splitting those two things: Incubating / Breeding and Stasis / Pet Station would be really helpful. DNA degradation -along with the mentioned always occupied incubator- are also basically the only things, why I don't have a puppy running around in my ship at all times. Sure, this is not a "most necessary thing! need fixing!!!11!", but an idea, suggestion and a would be nice to have. So maybe when someday someone at DE got time...
  7. It is. You can see that from the blue light near the blade's hilt. I tried everything I could possibly imagine to reset it to what is was (1st screenshot), but to no avail. With "changing energy color works", I meant it works in changing the color of all the particles PLUS the previously blue spot. Wanted to express that the color isn't simply "stuck" and unchangeable.
  8. So, here I don't know if this is one of the new features or actually a bug. Note that I didn't alter the colors of the blade. This was done purely by socketing mods. The Dark Split Sword has innate Radiation. So far that effect showed dark purple bubbles. I combined it with fire (normally displayed with orange sparks flying) and toxin (green sizzly stuff pouring out), which led to a very colorful outcome. A bit pixelated, but I liked it, since it displayed every status applied. So, now when I equip it, it looks like this. The -obviously overhauled- particle effects in themselves look stunning and will still show correctly, but monochrome. Disregarding different status/element colors. And radiation is now pink. Changing energy color works, but it still will only show a single solid color for ALL particles. If the latter is how it IS supposed to be... I hope it will get fixed anyway. This does not spark joy. Edit: Silva & Aegis now (btw the new effects are too bright. They illuminate my whole frame and parts of the orbiter) Even the flames get a pink glow P.S. found the weapon elemental fx toggle (good to have it, but I'd regret to use it^^ particles are pretty) and fiddled with the effects intensity. That toned down the brightness effectively. I wasn't aware of that option. My bad. Edit 2: Yeah, turning down effects intensity helped getting my weapon effects back to a normal level (always had it on the standard 100, which now is blazingly bright). There is however a major downside to it. It also affects abilities and enemy effects, making them either very faint or dull. So I wouldn't consider this a good solution either. The new weapon stuff needs balancing 😕
  9. Can confirm. Nothing my squad tried fixed it and for the rest of the vallis stay, we were shooting with one pistol, while holding a dual.
  10. ah, sorry.^^' I did not notice those at first. I had that happen outside of the dojo even. So far it wasn't very visible for me and I thought it might just be my eyes, but with the white walls it IS clear to see. Maybe it is a DirectX issue or GPU driver?
  11. You seem to have placed a grass patch and stuff. After contributing everything that was necessary, it will start construction. Until the decorative object is 100% finished, it will have this "placeholder" model and textures. Hope I could help 🙂
  12. *nods Need something to cover those hot-air oversized balloons, so they won't go POP when being shot -------------------- Pretty hyped for the rest. Equinox looks stunning! And even more critters to collect soon^^
  13. This is a blessing. Upgrading ALL the mods and there even is enough creds left to build and replicate blueprints... Pure bliss. The rest will be saved up for next Baro visit 😄
  14. @GPrime96So it is the same as in the mastery tests and Neptune Junction requirement then. I feel you with the forced stuff -.- I have yet to reach a point where I can do sorties, so thanks for sharing your experience. Slightly offtopic: This inconsisteny with her talons that count as melee, yet they don't, also prevents me from de-equipping my primary + secondary so I could use good old manual block T-T
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