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Need help with Tonkor Rivens



Howdy sorry in advanced if this isnt the right place to ask this.

Ive come into two Rivens for the tonkor, and Im wondering which one to reroll, or what am i even looking for?


Im assuming crit damage is something to seek out with 95% crit rate with my current mod set up.

Can anyone give me some advice of which one to use and which to reroll, tips, tricks etc


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The first one is better ofc., but it has a useless positive so if you're going for a perfect riven, it could still be rerolled.

Electric is not the best Element overall, but Radiation can be useful and a good damage type overall, it's just that the multishot stat is objectively better.

95% crit chance is good, if you reached that you should look for another stat. (i assume you reached it with one of the rivens, so there's no need to change anything-anyway, an excess of crit rate doesn't hurt, it's just not what you would mainly want to look for as you can just use Harrow for red crits-still extra crit chance is very useful even beyond Harrow crits as red crits give some huge multipliers o your crits only actually useful for 'endgame' activities, worth keeping if you want a minmax riven just in case, unless something got changed since the last time i checked)

Negative Zoom is a good negative for Tonkor, but that's about it.

In your place, i would keep the first one for Kuva Tonkor and would try to reroll it to even better stats, currently it's alright and gives better stats than a normal mod.

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8 hours ago, (PSN)Quantaminum said:

Use the first one.

Multishot is just too valuable, especially for a weapon like Tonkor

I don't disagree with what you said here, but it is worth saying that the riven has 2 good stats and 2 bad stats making it overall pretty meh.  The +mag size won't do anything because the game will round down to 1 and -faction damage is a terrible negative unless you specifically avoid using the weapon against that faction.

OP can do better than that if he's willing to farm the kuva or gets a lucky roll.

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