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Save & load state of frame/operator/etc upon change.


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States are having certain set of gear and config. For example frame could have: frame (in case of dual frame like Sevagoth), current gear or weapon equipped (e.g. melee or Synthesis scaner), is it sprinting (sprint on/off or holding sprint key). On other hand, Operator has: weapon (amp or void beam) or gear equipped (e.g. synthesis target), is it sprinting.

Some states can be found in more than 1 state (e.g. sprinting).

Game doesn't restore (load previous) state. For example if you have Synthesis scanner equipped and you go to Operator, after returning to frame the game will equip Primary weapon. Another example is that certain abilities turn off your sprint (Lavos - Vial rush, Zephyr - Hover).

Game should restore states upon returning from another state.


List of states:

- frame

- operator

- k-drive or Yareli's Merulina

- Mech

- RJ (turret, slingshots etc)

- archwing

- more?


List of gear/configs:

- currently equipped weapon (melee, primary, secondary, arch-gun) or gear (e.g. Syntesis scanner or Omni tool)

- weapon mode (some guns changes modes by clicking a button)

- sprint turn on or off (changed in the options; you tap key to change from sprint to walk and vice versa; by default you need to hold a key to run).

- more?

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