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What's a good Twin Grakatas riven roll?



Hi, I've been using the Twin Grakatas alot and really enjoy using it, I recently bought an unrolled riven but I'm not sure what's a good roll for it. I understand that it has an above average critical chance and critical damage. I currently have a +99.7% Electricity and +237.7% Damage roll and I plan to replace Convulsion with it. But if I am lucky enough to roll one with an appropriate curse, what should I replace it with on my current build?

My current build:




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I am sure you can figure that out yourself. Just look at the numbers when switching around mods, if you're playing around with rivens you should already know what you should be looking for in terms of mods.

And if you have doubts you can whip out a calculator to see what's the impact of different crit values.

And if you still have doubts you can go to simulacrum to see what feels best.

Try, experiment, adapt, understand, learn, grow, this will always be better than following blindly the instructions of a random online.

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