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Venka prime jogging animation makes me grumpy


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When you run with the venka (not pressing shift) in mission well holding it the animation looks like your a soccer mom going for a jog and i hate it. i am a cool big strong warframe and i jog like I'm a old lady on a power walk. this makes me very grumpy because i want to feel cool when i slowly walk up to a bad guy to cut them good but i cant because i don't look intimidating when i JOG TO THEM!! A different animation should be used i feel like this would improve the game as a whole and make me less grumpy. ty much 



a old lady<3

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On 2021-09-28 at 6:32 PM, Dauggie said:

people really be having silly issues.. 

It does look rather bad.  Same as Crouched movement looks like limping.    I would really like new animations for that. Even if it costs plat.


Also, while at it, change the Fist blocking stance to Ghoul's blocking stance.


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1 hour ago, neko199 said:

is there a place to suggest better idle animations or little animations like this because I feel like there's a lot of little animations that could look so much better, like the blocking with the fists?

Right here. Animation Feedback.

You can just add more to this thread by editing it.   But remember that animations are super low priority. Even actually bugged animations don't get fixed for ages.

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