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[spoilers] The New war quest can't beat Ballas with the Mote amp


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So when the lotus is on the ground and Ballas starts shooting her and her health drops my Mote amp cannot do the damage needed to kill him and save her so it just restarts and I can't leave the quest it just puts me back at the starting point of the boss fight when I log in or fail 

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I'm in the same bucket :( I wish the warning before starting the quest specified equipment levels.... level 0 paracesis was fine. but a mote amp just cannot do enough damage to save the lotus.

So at this point I'm stuck. Can't go forwards, can't go backwards. Raised a support ticket but who knows how long that will take.  I fear I'm out of the gameat this point.

Anyone have an idea what to do? @[DE]Community


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I'm having this issue right now... I'm doing 43 damage per shot with my Drifter as Ballas unloads on Lotus.

Literally impossible to beat. Did the developers not play test this? This is beyond dumb.

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