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Who even assigns these color channels??


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Styanax is yet another release where the color channels make *no sense*.

Don't even get me started on the voidshell skins. We finally get to choose "materials" for the frame fashion, but in most cases so far the positioning of the materials makes *no sense*. Choose a "hard" material for some section - sure enough it'll be used in a joint somewhere. Choose a "soft" material for a joint, yep, it'll be used for a big ol slab of armor somewhere.

Anyway, back to Styanax...

Those blue areas, which are mostly what you see? Those are "accents". The "primary" is secondary at best. The "secondary" is all the metallic highlights ("accents" in most other frames). Tertiary is actually the only one that's correctly assigned, really.

The *reason* this is an issue? Because "copy colors" to attachments etc. looks *terrible*.


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Agreed. The channels have names for a reason. Accents has mainly been associated with metallics, so it doesn't make sense why they didn't do that for Styanax. Although you could manually change the attachment colours separately, it's just overall inconvenient and it makes the copy colour option just plain useless for this Frame.
And it's not just attachments, but also the majority of weapons and equipment don't match with Styanax's channels

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TBH while it's obnoxious and inconvenient to have to manually shuffle or select your colors for every normal attachment because of how non-standard Styanax's channels are, what's even more egregious imo is the fact that so many attachments aren't consistently following the "standards" set by the majority of attachments. The Gazal attachments and the entire dang Tennocon set come to mind. Where the main or only metallics aren't on the Accent channel. Meanwhile every prime attachment/syandana/warframe *consistently* uses the Accent channel. Most of the things in this game uses that convention, if they have only one metallic channel. And MOST Primary channels are non-metallic materials that comprise of most of the Warframe's body texture, a primary one, whether it's a "skin" or outer-wear armor-layer, or an attachment's main component/material that isn't metallic. There seems to be close to literally no reason to have all one-metallic things not follow the convention of the metallic channel being the Accent/Lining channel. And Warframes should follow this same trend, imo. No matter what the materials are on anything in Warframe, they should start with any matte/flat/leathery textures on the Primary channel. They should have Ceramics and other odd textures be after the matte/flat/leathery textures. And then Metallics should be last. If that rule was consistently followed, then a TON of things that currently match with practically nothing, would match with almost everything. Going from matte/flat/leathery textures in Primary with the greatest area of coverage, with subsequent channels being lesser areas containing non-metallics, to the lesser quantities of metallics, to the most area coverage of metallics resting in the Accent/Lining channel. Then even things with different numbers and types of textures will still most likely look better together than most things do now, where a significant portion of the time a Metallic texture and a matte/flat texture on two different things, share the same color channel. People can forgive a small glossy bit of a thing on one part sharing the same color channel as another item's small metallic accent. But what hardly ever looks good is when a LARGE swath of blatantly flat/matte textures share the same color channel with tons and tons of metal. Operator outfits and Warframe Attachments are the *most* egregious offenders by far, with the worst consequences. But just about everything ought to be reviewed for consistency, imo.




at least consistently put the largest flat/matte/rough/leathery/not-glossy/not-metallic texture channel (when present) on the Primary channel (and then additional ones on the Secondary then Tertiary as applicable),
and put the metallic (or glossy) texture channel on the Accent channel (and then additional ones in Tertiary and then Secondary).

The more you at least do that, the more consistently things will match.

Operator fashion, Tennocon Accessories, and a number of Warframe Skin/Helmet mismatches make me cry, since I can't mix-and-match them with anything because of how seemingly senselessly uniquely assigned they are, resulting in metallic and non-metallic textures having to share the same color channel when they wouldn't need to, and shouldn't.

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Oh yeah, include copying the colors to weapons and having channel mismatches in the "oh gods make it stop" column with the attachments and syandanas too, yep.


DE - when can we save a colour selection palette to apply to all our things plz. Would pay plat for slots to save them in.

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